These 6 Data Charts Tell You How Big Was The Oscars In India

Oscars 2015 wasn't big for Twitter globally but it did good in India according to Nielsen India. These 6 data charts tell you on how big was Oscars in India


The Oscars 2015 fever is over. Birdman was the big winner of the night, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Whiplash each took home multiple Oscars. Like Boyhood, Twitter also fell short on the awards night. Fewer people tweeted about the Oscars telecast this year than in 2014 or even in 2013, according to Nielsen.

Nielsen figures showed there were a total of 5.9 million Oscar-related tweets. That’s down about 65% from last year’s 17.1 million, though the latter figure was global while the 5.9 million referred to the US. A Twitter rep told Mashable that the 17.1 million wasn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. Nielsen reported last year that the number of Oscar-related tweets was 11.2 million, which means the 2015 figure is roughly a 47% drop.

One of the reasons was that Neil Patrick Harris failed to generate social media buzz like Ellen DeGeneres did last year. In a report released today, social analytics firm Sysomos reported that the number of tweets at this year’s Oscars was 8.58 million — a drop of 39 percent from last year. While the drop is quite large, it’s not entirely surprising since Twitter declined to release the numbers from the Academy Awards as it had in the two previous years.

Facebook, meanwhile, reported that 21 million people had 58 million interactions related to the Oscars Sunday night. That’s way up from 11.1 million users having 25.4 million interactions last year.

Twitter might be disappointed by US but it isn’t from its fastest growing market - India. “Oscars talked about more than the Filmfares on social media in India,” said Nielsen India while revealing its study on the Oscar buzz in the social media world in India.

The below 5 charts show how big Oscars 2015 was in India and possibly an indication for brands to mint it in the forthcoming years.

1. Oscars created more buzz than the Filmfares, in fact the Golden Globes generated more buzz than Filmfares


2. 52% of the buzz was created during the live telecast of the awards even though it was early morning out here in India


3. Neil Patrick Harris failed to create the buzz on social media


4. American Sniper was the most talked about movie in the run-up to Oscars 2015 but Birdman took the winning trophy

American Sniper Oscars 2015

5. Julian Moore, who won the best actress nominee for Still Alice, also had the highest buzz in the run-up to the ceremony

Julian Moore Oscars 2015

6. Eddie Redmayne who won the best actor for The Theory Of Everything wasn’t the popular choice on social media

Eddie Redmayne