How Wishberg Created An Online Buzz With Zero Dollars

The story behind the creation of 'Hitler reacts to Wishberg' video and how it helped create awareness for Wishberg without spending a single dollar


Lately, you must have heard about the newly launched social discovery platform called Wishberg. But, if you haven’t and wouldn’t want to be bothered with it yet, then go ahead and have a look at this Hitler parody video, and you would surely be interested in Wishberg:

The original video is in German. If you notice it closely, the text copy that appears is synced with the words Hitler rants and so feels genuine. Hitler realises he is the last one to register on Wishberg! The video did go viral with over 5000 views within 5 days of uploading it. The video was released 3 days after the public beta, so people knew of Wishberg’s public launch and the context too.

When we spoke to the founders to explore the story behind it, we found out some really interesting facts in the making -

Kulin Shah, one of the Founders, decided to stay over at office due to an early morning conference call. While killing his time, he stumbled across the Hitler parody videos and decided to adapt it. Next day he surprised the team with the sample video and got everyone laughing like crazy.

Another Hitler parody video and why not, especially if it helps put the idea across in a fun way. “We didn’t want to do it in a boring FAQ format. We learnt our lesson during Tyche’d days that people don’t like too much text, but visuals are appealing“, shared Pravin, the other Founder. Tyche’d is the previous avatar of Wishberg that promises much more.

This particular Hitler clip has gone viral in the past in different contexts. Every action in the clip can be fitted into various situations. “We spent some time to think through the scenes and finalize the message we wanted to send.” When the context came out right, they were happy with the results and shared the video with their friends working outside the digital community before sharing it on Twitter. When they liked it, the Wishberg team knew it had hit the right chord!

The video was a hit on Twitter. Twitterati have been raving about it for its clever marketing concept. Here’s what  they had to say:



People asked if it was executed by an agency. But, for a startup, cost is always the big deciding factor. “Professional videos were too expensive, and I don’t believe in spending money on marketing for a social product. So, the video was made in-house with zero dollar spent and pulled off in 24 hours!”

The startup did not spend a paisa for the video but had a lot of people joining Wishberg while the video was going viral. Now, that’s the power of smart marketing in the social media age!