The Tata Indica Vista D90 Engages Exclusively With BlogAdda Bloggers

About the blogging contest organized by Blogadda for bloggers to drive and share the review of Indica Vista D90.


If you’re an automobile freak and a blogger, this is one campaign that you should not be missing. Just for starters, Tata in association with BlogAdda is running a promotional campaign for their upcoming Indica Vista D90.

BlogAdda-Indica contest

It was about couple of weeks back that I got a mail from BlogAdda asking bloggers to take part in a campaign where they will be given the new Indica D90 car for three days and they are supposed to share a review about the car on their blog or social platforms, awesome isn’t it?

Also, once the bloggers share their review about the car and the car goes back, they are still promised a gift voucher worth Rs. 2500!

The campaign is kind of first in its segment where an automobile company has partnered with leading blogging portal, it’s without a doubt, the campaign has generated great amount of interest within the ‘social media’ and blogging community. Tata has done a great job, by getting it closer to the real user and also generating enough soundbytes on the digital mediums for prospective buyers to take notice.

It’s good to see an automobile company understanding the pulse of current generation and their target audience. They knew that most of us these days, resort to web reviews for any products and what better way to crowdsource the review instead of having the review in few automobile specific portals.

The campaign is definitely a ‘winner’!

But, could it have been better?

While the user reviews are shared on BlogAdda, I would have liked to see more coverage of these reviews on other platforms, channels. The few ways I could envisage is:

1. Setting up a microsite to showcase various reviews – this would have helped prospective buyers to read all the reviews from one place. Also, backlinking these reviews to the author would have surely benefited them with some traffic and SEO juice.

2. Facebook App – It would also have been worthwhile to capture all those reviews on a Facebook app. Again, it helps prospective buyers to read reviews from a single place and with a button asking users to ‘Click for test drive’ would have surely have helped them generate more leads.

3. Twitter Hashtag – It’s sad to see that brands do not understand the power of hashtags. Hashtags would have helped them channelize the discussion on Twitter and also makes it easy for brands to track the campaign.

4. Photo Contests – Sticking to the adage ‘A picture is worth thousand words’, Tata could have set up a photo contest and crowdsourced images of users with the car.

Parting Shots

Whether the campaign will be a brand blocker or great marketing case study is yet to be seen, but by being the first of its kind campaign, no wonder it is generating lot of interest, both for the brand as well as BlogAdda. Be ready to read lots of reviews. As of now, I see some noise already on various social platforms and I look forward to see more.

Twitter-IndicaWith another contest running in parallel, I am sure that Tata is doing a great job on the digital front and I look forward to see other brands picking up the thread from here and devising bigger, better campaigns.