How The Tagging Drive On Facebook Helped NGO ‘Once Again’ Drive Donations

Bangalore based NGO 'Once Again' tied up with Ogilvy One India to create one of the biggest tagging campaign on Facebook - The Biggest Tagging Drive, to drive donations.


What should an NGO do when it is a year old, wants eyeballs and maximize donations? Go for traditional marketing if it has the required  budget, but, if there is no budget then social media is the best bet. Once Again, a Bangalore-based NGO that takes anything apart from money as donations found itself in a similar soup.

The NGO collects items you don’t use anymore, sells it at a minimal price to the underprivileged and uses these funds to empower them through various sustainable projects. So the NGO with no budgets approached Ogilvy One India with the objective to become a recognizable name, leading to handsome donations for supporting its activities. But posting only content or having donation apps won’t help unless one has an exciting idea that motivates users, specially the youth to vouch for the cause.

The Tagging Drive on Facebook

With zero budgets in hand, the agency had a big challenge and the team at work was very well aware that creating a vanilla social media presence won’t help the cause completely.

“After a lot of brainstorming, we were clear that we wanted to reach out to the youth but the big question was how we do it organically. During the same time, our country unfortunately noticed a lot of issues that were quite shameful and everyone including the youth wanted to change things. Social media saw a lot of anger and Facebook was the leading platform. So we figured out that it has to be Facebook if we want to reach out to the youth,” added Siju RS, Associate Creative Director who spoke to me about the Tagging Drive campaign that was launched for Once Again.

Ogilvy wanted to make the entire process of donations exciting for the youth. Since the NGO wanted things that one wants to get rid of, the idea of tagging things like clothes, shoes, etc. came into mind. So a test was done on a set of 10 users where things were tagged other than the faces and when the user clicks the notification, she was driven to the cover page of Once Again, which highlighted that “Someone, somewhere needs your old stuff more than you. Please donate.”

The initial idea was a success and the ‘Tagging Drive’ campaign was launched in an aggressive manner on Facebook. 30-40 people who nominated themselves as volunteers were selected for this cause. These volunteers went ahead and tagged their friend’s clothes or shoes or bags on pictures which were 3-4 years old.

“Once every one started talking about the campaign, we also started a process where people could nominate them as a volunteer. This move helped the campaign but with this we had one more challenge. Some of the volunteers were not able to tag so we added them as admins with the rights of only to tag and spread the word. Thankfully the Facebook Advertiser feature served the purpose, “ shared Siju, while discussing the various challenges they faced while executing the campaign.

Once again Tagging Drive Bangalore

Results of The Tagging Drive

While talking about the results, Siju updated that the idea of friends tagging old pictures created curiosity and within a few months, thousands of pictures were tagged and several donation drives were initiated. People requested drives to be conducted in housing complexes and the same was followed at four IT parks at Bangalore. All this led to a collection of 50,000 items and the money generated from the sale of these goods increased by 462%. The money generated is now being used to run a Crèche, vocational programs for women and teaching computers to young adults.

Starting with a tag, the initiative went on to become Bangalore’s biggest tagging drive campaign as well as an amazing CSR initiative from Ogilvy, Bangalore.