The Story Behind #KajuKatli For Android

About the #KajuKatli campaign started by as an appeal to Google for naming the latest Android version after the popular Indian sweet KajuKatli.


Pop Up Quiz. Which was your favourite Indian sweet as a kid? Whatever be your answer, the right answer for this post is Kaju Katli. And here’s why.

Popular mobile phone online store website, has come up with a truly Indian campaign – #KajuKatli for Android. How they put the essence of this campaign is as such:

“On behalf of Android fans in India, we are launching The Kaju Katli Campaign. KajuKatli is delicious, a part of our lives since childhood and every mention of the delicious Cashew & Ghee mix excites us. Let’s urge Google to name the next version of Android as Kaju Katli. It even goes with their naming scheme that has risen in alphabetic order.”

Kaju Katli as next Android

When we caught up with Annkur P Agarwal, Co Founder at to discover the story behind this interesting idea, he said he hardly remembers how the idea clicked but it wasn’t meant to be funny or humorous, just something that India could resonate with.

“I saw Google showing Hindi support during their Jelly Bean launch and was very impressed. I think they have a big focus on India. Not being able to resonate with the sweets that Android versions so far are named after is surely a motivation behind #KajuKatli.”

The naming conventions by Google for its Android versions follow the alphabetic order and are related to sweetness in some way.

For a website that’s an online store for mobiles, they sure have hit the target with their campaign. Of course this isn’t a direct campaign to affect their sales, but again, that’s not what social media is about. It’s all about getting out there, reaching out, interacting, engaging and building up the emotional factor with the audience.

With respect to that, this is an apt beginning to the campaign. By asking the audience to support Kaju Katli (indirectly bringing in the Indian-ness to it), the campaign looks at uniting the Indian audience towards a common goal of getting an Indian name in the list of Android Operating Systems.

Android is widely and immensely popular with the present audience in India, especially the much adored 18-35 age group of “influencers”. And what do you get when you add a pinch of sweetness to the love of Android in the Indian Market? A probable sure shot success of a well thought out social media campaign.

The #KajuKatli rage on Twitter has caught up with most Indians in favour of it. Here are a few tweets that reflect the immense support:

Annkur added that the response has been absolutely crazy so far. People have been asking what else they can do. One of our KajuKatli structures is currently roaming in MPSTME-NMIMS where students want to take the campaign offline. Another Android enthusiasts mailed in to say that we can mod the Android code and build a version named KajuKatli for senior citizens in India.”

But being a startup, PriceBaba has limited strength to do much of an offline campaign or hack a version of Android. But on their part, they are talking to everyone who contacts them and one idea is to allow people to host KajuKatli meetups in their city!

As Indians, we always love to see India on every possible page of Wikipedia. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until we come to know whether this campaign is going to be a success and Google is going to take us seriously or whether we would have to do similar campaigns in the future with laddoo, mysore pak or wait all the way down to soan papdi!

But I’m also wondering whether this is a well-timed and conceptualized campaign just for publicity stake or they have really rung the bell with this truly Indian-at-heart campaign that just might make it to the Android Name Family?

The petition has so far been signed by 2059 people at the time of writing this. Do sign in and let me know your thoughts on this.