The Startup Centre Backed Eventifier Raises Undisclosed Amount Of Funding From KAE Capital

Chennai based startup Eventifier has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from KAE Capital.


The team at Eventifier might be having a big grin these days. According to a story published at The Next Big What, they have raised an undisclosed amount of funding from KAE Capital.


Founded by Jazeel Ferry, Nazim Zeeshan and Mohammed Saud, the Chennai based startup is a site that archives all the data such as pictures, videos, slides, tweets related to a specific event at one place. The information is stocked and presented in a visually appealing form. So in other words, you need not wait for the event organizers to upload pics on Facebook, Videos on YouTube, Slides on SlideShare and so on and so forth.

The startup that we had reviewed some time back, was incubated by Chennai based startup accelerator ‘The Startup Centre’. Today Eventifier has 17,000 unique visitors a month and has archived more than 1000 events. With 10% users turning into customers, the young startup has bagged prized customers such as the Clinton Foundation. In this short time period, Eventifier also has made a global footprint as well, with a considerable amount of visitors from Germany and South East Asia.

Eventifier, today stands as a great example that one can build a global product or service from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be in the “Valley”, a thought that was expressed quite candidly by Vijay Anand, the founder of The Startup Centre.