The Samsung Useless Bid Is Impressive On Social Media

About Samsung Mobile India launching a new social media campaign "The Useless Bid" to create buzz about it's 7 inch Samsung Tab2 310


Samsung Mobile India launches a new integrated social media campaign “The Useless Bid” to create buzz about it’s 7 inch Samsung Tab2 310. Users are invited to participate in bidding on the useless products considered by Samsung and stand a chance to win a Tab2.

Today every tech company from Apple to Samsung to Amazon to Google, all of them are keen to own a larger pie of success in the evolving tablet market. Apple and Samsung, the arch rivals are trying to grab a bigger pie. However, the recent Q4 results saw Apple dropping and Samsung gaining in the global media tablet market.

Additionally, Samsung has been keen to dissect the Indian tablet  market and plans to grab 65% share from the existing 57%. Keeping that in mind, Samsung introduced its portable 7-inch Tab2 310 in the Indian market few months back which it had unveiled at Mobile World Congress, earlier this year.

The portable 7-inch device which is placed under the 20K price tag had to be positioned in an effective way so that the device becomes the choice for communication and entertainment. “The Samsung Useless Bid” is the campaign that focuses on how the Tab2 has made the phone, camera, laptop and TV look useless. The brand wants you to own the device since you can do all the work from one device -  all being online and portable.

What is the Samsung Useless Bid?

To make this campaign exciting, the brand is using social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to create buzz. The brand has focused on YouTube to display the ad campaign and once you click the video ad, you are driven to a microsite. The video ad tells you why things like mobile, camera, etc. will be useless if you buy Tab2 so best option is to auction the useless products. Now if you are smart in bidding then bid for the lowest price for the useless products and you can stand a chance to win a Tab2.


On click of the video ad, you are driven to an interactive microsite which shows you the products that you can bid for. Click on the products with pointers on it and before you can bid, an interactive video will tell you why the particular product is being sold. You can either skip it or enjoy watching it for a while.

Upon completion, a form would pop up which would require you to put your details and enter your bidding price. Once done, you can either check out the lowest bids placed, share it on Facebook or you can go and bid again. At this juncture, you can either choose to explore the specs of Tab2 or if you have already made up your mind to buy then you have an option for that too.

How are the other social networks being used?

Samsung Mobile India has a massive presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Its massive presence has also helped it to feature in the list of “Top 10 brands by number of users” for the month of August according to SocialBakers.

The brand is using Facebook effectively for the campaign. The page is posting frequent updates about the contest which focuses on the need for bidding of the products. It had launched a contest in the month of August for Tab2. However, it was not linked with this campaign and it was more of an offline initiative along with Café Coffee Day in your city.


Twitter presence is being used to create a buzz too. Twitter’s rich feature of highlighting media is helping create the buzz, as you can see in one of the below screen grabs. In addition to this, the brand that uses Twitter for communication and customer support, is  also talking to fans and answering their queries regarding the contest.


How cool is Samsung Useless Bid?

Product promotion on social media is not a new thing but when you have brands like Samsung do it, then the expectation rises. The contest is cool majorly for the following three reasons:

1. Interesting Concept: It is really interesting to see the message the brand is trying to embed. The concept of highlighting the features of Tab2 and declaring products like TV, Laptop, etc. as useless and bidding for them to win a Tab2 is intriguing. Even though, most of us may not consider claiming a Laptop useless in front of a tab but I think the future lies in smaller and portable screens.

2. Impeccable Design and Execution: Along with an idea, the design and execution matters too and we have a bunch of campaigns that fail badly on the design and execution phases. It is good to see that the design and execution of this campaign is impeccable. The app built inside the microsite is flawless and makes it easy to understand the contest and participate in it.

3. Integrated Campaign: Brands invest immensely on social networks but most of them avoid the integrated approach while creating a buzz for the campaign. Thankfully Samsung has used it’s social media presence extensively for this campaign. Integrated campaigns make sense when you have bigger campaigns as you want the reach to be extensive. However, integrated campaigns should not be misunderstood and treated as posting of same content simultaneously across all networks.

Ending Thoughts

The way tablet market is becoming interesting with multiple players, the same way promotion of these products via social media is becoming innovative too. Some time back, we had shared how Reliance and it’s social media agency Social Wavelength had created a unique treasure hunt for it’s latest tablet, V9A.

The campaign ‘Tweet-a-Tab’ was organized in five different cities, where fans had to locate the tab in a Google Map that zooms in with the growing number of tweets. The concept was awesome even though it was debated to be a rip-off of Volkswagen Fox. However, it was a refreshing campaign for Indians as they were seeing something better than the regular ones.

Similarly, Samsung’s Tab2 campaign – “The Useless Bid” is not only an interesting one but is sure to drive people towards it. Winning by bidding has got a new look, have you placed your bids yet?