The Political Face Of April Fools’ Day – #KejriDiwas #PappuDiwas #Modiyapa

Twitter trends like #KejriDiwas #PappuDiwas #Modiyapa on April Fools' day highlight the fact that Twitter has become a mudslinging platform for political parties.

Twitter hashtags

Twitter hashtags

Today is April Fools’ Day also known as All Fools’ Day, a day celebrated in various countries where people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other. Google is already out with its pranks, while I am yet to see any Indian company trying to crack a joke, Indian political parties are not leaving this day behind.

Basically a conversation network, Twitter has also been transformed into a mudslinging platform for political parties and their supporters. With the 16th Lok Sabha Elections inching closer, the fights between political parties are not only intensifying in the offline space but also finding a similar aggressive voice on social media.

Hashtags like #KejriDiwas #PappuDiwas have been trending from the early part of the day. #HeadGawarDiwas was initially trending but now it has been taken over by #Modiyapa, a trend active since yesterday.

If you follow these trends closely it won’t take much time to understand who has started which of the trends and what is it all about. All the leading three trends – #KejriDiwas #PappuDiwas #Modiyapa have been started by the supporters of Aam Aadmi Party, Congress and BJP, three of the leading contenders in the elections. They are just pointing fingers and lynching each other on Twitter with these hashtags.

Some of the tweets that are making the buzz in the three trends are listed below:

Just yesterday I was asked to share my thoughts on how evolved are political parties on social media. Without a doubt, all the national political parties are well equipped today on social media. They know all the tricks of the trait from fan acquisition to photoshop skills. At the same time these parties are leaving no corners to bring the offline controversy to online and vice versa.

Today conversations on Twitter by political parties are all about pulling each other down. We are watching similar fights every other day and this is not going to die down with the election dates coming closer.

But, what are we achieving from these trending hashtag games? Do these conversations hold any meaning and will this mudslinging influence a voter to re-think on his vote?

End of the day, it is the common man who remains a fool throughout the year.