The New York Times Acquires Influencer Marketing Agency, Amazon May Soon Let You Pay With A Selfie

World digital news - The New York Times is expanding its native ad studio with the acquisition of HelloSociety, Amazon wants you to be able to authorize a transaction with a selfie, and more

Penske Will Roll Out B-to-B Video Campaign During March Madness: The campaign is an extension of Penske’s “Moving Forward” effort — its first national b-to-b campaign — which broke last year. That campaign, and the new ads, were created by The Martin Agency, based in Richmond, Va. The video ads will begin running on March 13, when March Madness kicks off with Selection Sunday.

Lane Bryant’s ‘banned’ television ad is raking in viewers online: Lane Bryant, of all brands, is making some feel prudish. NBC and ABC have forbidden Lane Bryant’s new body-positive commercial from airing because it’s too risqué. The spot, titled “This Body,” centers around women talk about the parts of their body that makes them proud.

The New York Times acquires influencer marketing agency HelloSociety: The New York Times is expanding its native ad studio with the acquisition of HelloSociety, a digital marketing agency owned by Science, Inc.

Twitter In Discussions With Top Vine Creators About Payment: BuzzFeed News has learned that executives from Vine and Twitter met with some of the platform’s top talent late last year to discuss payment solutions for content creation. The meeting was requested by the Vine-makers who expressed a desire to be compensated for their work.

Mashable to Make Web Shows With NBCUniversal’s Bravo Network: Mashable Inc. will make four short-form Web series with NBCUniversal’s Bravo to appear this year, the latest sign of the news website’s growing ambitions in video.

Apple News will soon get ‘native’ ads that look like articles: Apple has introduced a new ad format for sponsored posts that will appear in users’ news feeds alongside articles in the Apple News app. Apple revealed the new ad format in a developer specification document for Apple’s in-house mobile advertising platform updated in March.

Stella Artois Be Legacy: Stella Artois is running “Be Legacy”, an advertising campaign celebrating its 600 year brewing heritage. Two commercials, “Sebastian Artois: the Entrepreneur” and “Isabella Artois: the Pioneer”, are inspired by historical moments of conflict, crises, and change.

Taco Bell’s Mobile Ads Are Highly Targeted to Make Users Crave Its Breakfast Menu: Last week, Taco Bell launched 10 new breakfast items that cost $1 each, including a breakfast bowl with eggs and potatoes, a taco and a flatbread quesadilla as part of its ongoing push to make breakfast at Taco Bell “a thing” since initially launching it in 2014.

Amazon may soon let you pay using a selfie: Amazon wants you to be able to authorize a transaction with a selfie, so now you’ll have to make sure you’re looking halfway decent when you’re doing some late-night, online shopping.

Samsung is building a new social network called Waffle: If you’re building a new social network likely to get battered in the marketplace, you may as well call it Waffle. The latest entry in the ever-expanding category of Weird Samsung Things allows you to post a photo that your friends can annotate by adding their own photos or drawings in a grid surrounding the original.