How Fastrack aced creative content marketing to woo millennials for The Music Run

The youth brand hit upon an elaborate digital and social media strategy ensuring maximum buzz creation among Gen Z, with the right mix of creativity and influencer association

Jordindian, the much loved duo made up of one guy from Jordan (Naser) and another from India (Vineet) are wildly popular for their fun ‘Types of” videos, both on YouTube as well as Facebook. These guys earn their daily bread by making sure you smile, laugh or practically lose your mind after watching their videos. Raking in over a million views, their ‘Types of auto drivers’ video is a hit with millennials.

Some time back, Naser filed a petition on, a public platform where anyone, anywhere can start campaigns, mobilise supporters and work with decision makers to drive solutions. So, what was Naser filing a petition on for? Wait for it…“Proper viewing at a music festival for short people’. And, whom was he petitioning? Fastrack, Yes, you heard it right!

In his petition, Naser highlighted a tall problem for short people at a concert. “Out of the handful of concerts that I’ve attended, I barely recall seeing the artist. All because I’m shorter than your average Joe-Indian,” he explained about his plight. He suggested Fastrack to do something, one idea of which was getting concert goers standing in line height-wise (like in school), or getting tall people to let people sit on their shoulder to get a clearer view!

Fastrack took him seriously. It rolled out the #BookMyShoulder service, a rather unique service where concert goers could book shoulders to get a better view of the performance on the stage.

All this was just the beginning of a creative digital marketing strategy for The Music Run by Fastrack. The brand teamed up with digital agency Webchutney for the campaign.

Run. Dance. Party. The city of gardens came alive to the beats of music on an August Saturday, bringing together nearly 8K young runners for a 5K run as they danced to the music voted by them. Bengaluru experienced the coming together of fun and fitness, this August 19, as the city played host to The Music Run - a 5K running and music festival, despite it pouring cats and dogs that day.

The Music Runtm , first rolled out in 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one unique event where you and your friends can run to a soundtrack that has been democratically chosen by all of you, and then end up partying together at a music festival with live bands and world class DJs. Nothing like a fun crowdsourced music playlist, as you run, dance or party together!

In its second year at Bengaluru, with last year’s edition having created quite a stir with gen z, Presenting Sponsor, Fastrack ensured they add to the momentum this year. The feisty youth brand from the house of Titan sought “to amp up the experience both digitally and on-ground to resonate with its millennial TG’s DNA,” said Ayushman Chiranewala, Head of marketing Fastrack.

Associating with The Music Run is the perfect fit for a brand that makes stylish sunglasses, bags, watches and more for the millennial generation. The two have quite in common: The Music Run engages the youth through fitness, entertainment and music. And, Fastrack as a brand is all about energy, excitement and self-expression.

With the right brand fit and the opportunity to engage with the right TG, now all that was required was the right promotions. Fastrack devised an elaborate digital and social media strategy for maximum buzz creation. “Delivering a full-blown experience was at the core of our digital strategy,” he shared.

A dedicated microsite was built for #BookMyShoulder. Users had the option to Book A Shoulder (if they’re under 5’ 4”) or Lend A Shoulder (if they’re above 5’ 4”). This was released through a digital film.

Meet Mary Jane

Mary Jane's having an experience like no other. Earn it for yourself at #TMRbyFastrack. Music Run

โพสต์โดย Fastrack บน 11 สิงหาคม 2017

In keeping with Jordindian’s style of “Types of” videos, the team rolled out the hilarious ‘Types of People at Concerts’. The 4-minute video captured a variety of wacky concert goers – the lyricist, the lost frog, the pill poppers, the insta couple, the rob lock and many more. And yes, there was a short guy begging a taller one to lend him his shoulder! The text blurb at the end suggested viewers to ‘Spot all these types at TMR by Fastrack.’

“Keep it local. Keep it fresh. Authenticity was key in choosing our partners for promoting TMR. Therefore, choosing to work with Jordindian for Fastrack was a no-brainer,” Ayushman said of the influencer association.

“When our creative team jammed with them on the possibilities, it was clear that we’d go the whole 9 nine yards on this collaboration.”

They did go the whole 9 yards. First this native content video and then the petition that helped further build intrigue to the larger idea of #BookMyShoulder. The partnership with Jordindian did not stop at that. They were invited to the festival to engage with fans at the event, they also took over Fastrack’s Instagram handle, giving fans a taste of the event with activities like the Adult Ball Pit, Life-Size Beer Pong and Crowd-surfing.

Additionally, an Instagram innovation was carried out where users could get the entire experience of The Music Run on digital. The team leveraged the ‘tap’ function of Instagram stories to simulate a running motion and get a character to ‘train’ for the event through unique scenarios like ‘Running away from an ex – is how I practice.’

Another noteworthy initiative on digital, that was reiterated on-ground as well, was #JustCause – where users select/pose with the preset causes that they’re running for, on social as well as on-ground, making for a more democratic run in the process. Causes could be as plain as ’cause I love EDM’ to the funky ’cause YOLO’!

Twitteraties were also engaged through contests.

Innovative. Funky. Millennial-focused

Creative is written all over the digital marketing strategy devised for promoting the event. The content pieces, whether it be the association with youth influencers or the type of activities both online and offline, follow a set path aligned towards the campaign objective. The incentivized contests on social media along with the witty online petition and innovations on Instagram further add to its memorability quotient.

Also, Fastrack has tread the influencer association carefully. Relatable humour and the wacky connect with Gen Z is what makes Jordindian the right partners to amplify the buzz. The native content creation designed in keeping with their style of “Types of” videos is easily a fun watch than an ad.

For millennial targeting brands, associations like this one by Fastrack indeed go a long way in brand building as a youth-centric one. Much like the NH7 Weekender is synonymous with Bacardi, TMR by Fastrack could be a thing down the road.