The Chief Fanatic Talks About The Magic Pencil Project [Video]

Interview with Karl Gomes, Founder at Fanatics talks about the Magic Pencil Project and why he thinks it is one of their favourite work in H1, 2014

Karl Gomes

“Today there is no such thing as a big idea, there are many small ideas. You put out a small idea; if you see it is working, put more strength to it and push it. If it is not working, see what’s not working, change the idea, tweak it and try making it work. There is nothing guaranteed today and that’s what we learnt in this campaign,” said Karl Gomes.

Karl, the Chief Fanatic at Fanatics was sharing one of the exciting works by his team in the first half of 2014. Explaining the client brief he shared that ICICI Bank organizes a drawing competition every year. Karl’s team wanted to twist the competition a bit and so they came up with an idea that what if someone draws something and that actually can come alive. That’s how the journey of the campaign - The Magic Pencil began.

However, Karl resists calling it a campaign but more of a startup that the agency has created for the bank. “We created a startup that was actually creating a magic pencil. We shot a video and we got the buzz around that we were actually creating a magic pencil. People were wondering what was that, some believed and some didn’t. Finally we revealed that every pencil can actually be a magic pencil with ICICI bank because the bank was supporting the idea.”

In the first part of the video conversation, Karl talked about how his professional career has chalked out and the evolution of digital in the country. He also shared why he moved out of Agency Digi and started Fanatics.

In this second part of the video interview, Karl speaks at length about his favourite campaign of H1, 2014 and how small ideas can turn into a big idea.

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