The Librarywala Facebook Campaign ran a Facebook Campaign during the first week of New Year and it did really well. reason being well thought of and resolved customer pain point.

Books are man’s best friends and we know why. In today’s world despite everything going digital, paper bound books still hold some value. If you are a book lover, then you will agree with this and also that a smart bookmark is all what we need. Traditional bookstores make money out of these small things but  thankfully online stores have started realizing the worth of these small things too., ((Check out the social media review of that we did earlier)) your online library active in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore thought of using this small idea and getting one step closer to their customers. Not a bad idea indeed when Facebook is making it all the more difficult to push brand messages on the time line.

Librarywala Facebook Campaign at their end designed few cool bookmarks during the New Year eve and ran a Facebook campaign for a week for its fans. The campaign that ran in the first week of January required you to email your address for free bookmarks and the rest was taken care by the team at The campaign ran in the three cities of Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai as it is present in these cities of India. Along with the bookmarks, also had a small letter attached with the gift about the new services and offers that gave the fans a 100% off on registration.

The bookmarks

My Thoughts:

The Facebook campaign, which was a zero ad spend initiative clicked with users and received a whopping 500 mails from fans to avail the cool bookmarks.

1. The campaign is a simple one but it is well-thought of and well aligned to the objective. To connect with fans you don’t always need large budget ideas.

2. The Facebook campaign not only was timed really well but it also solved a customer pain point. A bookmark is a must for book readers, so while you offer them one, you also weave your marketing message with it. In my eyes, this is a very cool way to market.

3. Zero ad spend and 500 email responses within 7 days, were a clear way to zero down on the ROI too.

A well thought, smart campaign will always connect with fans and especially so if it is resolving any customer pain point. SME’s should concentrate much more on such ideas as contests run with a free coupon will not survive long and might not be focused to the target group. I am quite happy to see such well thought of small campaigns and you?