The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest At Indiblogger

A review of the The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest At Indiblogger


When it’s raining contests at Indiblogger, the largest blogger community in India, you know that bloggers are getting their due. Indiblogger has announced the seventh blogging contest this year – The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest, which is based on pure imagination. You got to imagine spending a summer with Kyra, a fun-loving outdoors girl who loves playing volleyball with her friends and relax with a nice cold drink. Well, the contest is open for men as well as women, so you can let your imagination run wild!


The best thing is that prizes are apt for bloggers – 2 Amazon Kindle Fires, 5 Amazon Kindles, 20 Lakmé-Indiblogger T-shirts. And if that’s not enough, 2 women bloggers will win an all-expense paid trip to exotic beach locations in India, courtesy Lakmé. Besides this, all valid entries win a special Lakmé gift hamper. So there is absolutely no reason you should give this a miss. You love to imagine and you get prizes for doing what you love!

The contest rules are simple – only fresh entries allowed with a link to the Facebook page. Indivine votes do not matter and you can submit multiple entries. Judgement is purely based on creativity and originality alone. Currently, entries have been hidden and will open for display on the 14th of May. That shouldn’t stop you from imagining though. But before you do that, don’t forget to read through the extensive Terms & Conditions page.

As always, my favourite destination is the discussion forum. To my surprise I discovered that Kyra had changed her name from Elena for unknown reasons! And there’s been a load of discussions over the topic, the language allowed for the entry and a few regarding the brand Lakmé sunscreen products. The forum moderators are quick in their clarification responses and quite open to blogger feedback.

Some of the features I’ve come across in the Lakmé Diva Blogger contest as most contests at Indiblogger are noteworthy. A couple of them deserve a mention too:

Blogging contest as part of an integrated digital campaign:

Your online consumer could be on any of the social networks and you got to be not only present there but also quite active. Hence, displaying the Facebook and Twitter page in the blogging contest page is a smart thing to do. Besides, the use of the hashtag #lakmediva which bloggers can use when they post their blog links on Twitter, helps spread the word.

Promoting the brand’s product through blogging as well:

The brand’s new summer product Lakmé Sun Expert is being promoted not only through the various online interactions but through blogging too. Creating an imaginary topic around a summer vacation in the outdoors without a care about the harmful effects of the sun, sits perfectly in what the product offers to consumers.

Ideally, a brand can leverage its product promotions on social media with Facebook alone, and this is what I’ve been used to seeing in the past. But, this year I’m delighted to see integrated media campaigns designed around being present everywhere your consumer is likely to be, not just Facebook. The increase in the number of blogging contests at Indiblogger and other platforms this year, make this all the more evident. Brands are evolving, perhaps slowly, but they are and that’s what holds.

So would you be interested in blogging about a summer vacation story? Although, it is nearing monsoons, it’s never too late in India, is it! Hurry up as the contest closes on the 28th of this month.