The Indian’s From The Valley All the Way At #NASSCOMPC

The Indian’s From The Valley All the Way At #NASSCOMPC


The show of the first half of the first day at #NASSCOMPC was stolen by the Indian’s from the Valley that had come down exclusively for this event. The room was full packed and it was not less than any other page-3 evening party with music flowing, men dressed up in elegant suits and women though less in numbers were equally matched. People where flaunting there blackberry’s and tablets, well why won’t they J Everyone was waiting for the first speaker and let me call him the celebrity speaker of the event, Vinod Khosla. All dressed up in a black suite and with a lean figure he wasn’t looking at all in his mid fifties.  The world knows who Vinod Khosla is so I won’t waste time here and get down straight to the point as he did.

What gets Vinod Khosla excited even after 30 extraordinary years? Was the agenda of the talk and the Aura Hall had a complete silence to listen to this gentleman. Vinod stressed on one thing throughout in his discussion that you got to be a risk taker and people under 35 will make the change. However people above 35 shouldn’t feel bad as he himself is in fifty’s but at heart he believes that he is in his thirties. A thought that was debated by Vivek Wadhwa in a healthy manner who was the next celebrity speaker at the event. Moving forward with his slides Vinod stressed that there are lot of large areas that are still not addressed. Some of them that he highlighted were payments, big data analysis, emotion, education, social next or social for purpose, health, etc.

“Every big problem is a big opportunity”

He also shared how the industry would change or should change by making one of the disruptive ideas. He further told that what if tomorrow the doctor is no more a doctor and he is just a mentor. You are diagnosed via your mobile or the same way teaching shapes out too.  However he added that to make such disruptive ideas happen one needs to embed this on their soul:

“I succeed only because I don’t mind failing”

On this thought one of the delegates had a question for him where he asked how he copes with failures to which Vinod had this to say:

“Failures do not matter, no one remembers it. I accept it and move on”

That was a charged up talk that made one question whether one is ready to leave a cozy cubicle, monthly salary and dare to chase dreams.



With such an impact full chat Vivek Wadhwa took the dais to share his thoughts on “Looking beyond Social Media-What are the next big opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs”. The first thing he emphasized that innovation will happen within forty years age group too. With little bit of banter on Vinod, Vivek started his talk that one would wish to listen if he has the streaks of entrepreneurship. No slides, only pure talk.

Vivek stressed to fix society problems in India as there is a huge demand but please don’t break your head in building another Twitter clone like the US is doing.  Vivek shared the same view like Vinod did that the real disruptive idea will happen from India but by 2015 instead of 2020.

He shared lot of anecdotes where he compared Indian entrepreneurs and thought that the present generation of entrepreneurs from the Valley are no good, reason being:

“Entrepreneurs in India today are trying to fix problems but in US people want to be entrepreneurs because they want to make quick money”

However Vivek was blunt that Indian ecosystem requires mentorship and he stressed that NASSCOM should do more of it and in a continuous manner. Leaving the dais with a loud applause, Vivek had us all shaken up.

Personally I feel that mentorship to an extent is missing cause how many stories have you heard that ‘X’ VC has banked on the idea and not on the business model. I think if we want to see disruptive ideas in India, we need to believe in them, leave back the baniya mentality and not just in metros but out there in villages too.