The Hindu’s New ‘Behave’ Campaign Invites The Youth To Pose Questions With #DearMrPolitician

As part of The Hindu's ‘Behave’ campaign this year, the daily is inviting questions from the youth through Twitter, which will then be featured in print ads

The Hindu has launched its ‘Behave’ campaign yet again targeting politicians and their unparliamentary behaviour. Continuing around with the theme of “Behave yourself, India. The youth are watching”, the ad film created by Ogilvy and Mather depicts a politician behaving in an unruly manner at home, the way he is used to behaving at work!

In view of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2014, the campaign acts as a reminder to politicians that the voting power has shifted to the 150 million young Indians who will cast their votes for the first time. Hence, their chances of being re-elected or not at all, depends largely on the young voter crowd. Uploaded 10 days ago, the film has garnered 86k views.

Interestingly, the daily has resorted to social media too apart from print and television ads for the campaign. The initiative, in a bid to connect with the social savvy youth, is inviting questions through social media, especially Twitter, which will then be featured in print ads. The Hindu’s Facebook and Twitter pages have shared visuals urging the youth to tweet their questions using the hashtag #DearMrPolitician.

#DearMrPolitician Hindu

Besides, the print ads for the campaign are also featuring its social networks and inviting viewers to tweet their questions. The hashtag seems to have caught up with Twitter users, with tweets wanting austerity and accountability from our politicians:

The Twitter initiative could be pushed further as it has the conversational aspect to irk frustrated youngsters on Twitter. Nice to see the print-Twitter connection though. Smart going, The Hindu!