The Grand Indian Road Trip By Castrol India [Case Study]

A case study on how did the Castrol India organized the The Grand Indian Road Trip and what were the results.

the grand Indian road trip

Castrol Biking, the Facebook page by Castrol India is not only a place for biking enthusiasts but also a place where Castrol dishes out more than the regular dose of social engagement. Castrol Power 1 got along with xBHP, its digital agency, FoxyMoron and its internal PR muscle crafted the “The Grand Indian Road Trip”

[pullquote id=’lhipull’ class=’center_pull’]1300 Kms + 52 Days + 6 Bikers on 5 Bikes = The Grand Indian Road Trip[/pullquote]

And as Gul Panag, who was there to flag off the bikers said, “The Grand Indian Road Trip is a ride that has placed it on the Indian road map of rides.”

The Grand Indian Road Trip

With the trip started a massive social media campaign. The campaign involved a lot of mini campaigns which are as follows:

1. Bikers Meet and DIY Sessions: The brand organized these offline sessions which got a good response from many passionate bikers. The Bikers meet gave an opportunity for 5000 bikers to connect and along with this the brand also made sure that it did not miss out on product sampling opportunities.

the grand indian road trip2. Connecting with leading Bikers Clubs: This is one of the moves that the brand didn’t hesitate to make so that the word could spread far. The brand connected with 28 clubs such as Road Stallions, Bisons Ride Hard, etc. and launched a United Motorcycling Jacket. The jacket was no doubt designed for bikers to go mad and the image shared would explain you why.

3. Bikers Code of India: It is a crowdsourced book that reflects what biking means to bikers and this initiative got a response from 263 bikers. Another cool move of striking the right chords of a biker.

4. Helmet For Change: Riding is not only about hitting the road hard but it is also about safe riding. Castrol launched a cool helmet for this initiative and it had signatures from all the bikers. Definitely a smart and well needed initiative by the brand.

5. Bikers video: Being a biker, I know we are a passionate and crazy bunch of people. So what better than recording cool thoughts of bikers and what makes them go mad about biking.  If you want to see what makes a biker go mad for bikes and the long roads, then check out the cool video that was released some time back.

6. Custom made app: A unique interactive application was designed for bikers so that they can clock every mile with the GIR. This initiative made everyone realize that 22, 832 bikers clocked 104, 157 kilometers. A smart way of synching tech with the campaign.

Buzz created by the brand on social media

1. 2,668, 441 bikers reached on Facebook with 20,000 bikers talking weekly, leading to an increase of 30% interactivity.

2. #PowerBikers hashtag on Twitter reached 914,443.

3. Castrol’s domination of social share of voice during the activity period reached 61%.

Finally, the campaign generated 12 videos, 800 images and 50,000 words. Definitely, a uber cool move by the brand to bring the community together and an awesome campaign designed with interesting small campaigns.

P.S. The article has been edited to reflect certain changes: the video shared by Foxymoron has been removed for the time being as requested but we will update this place pretty soon with a new campaign video and the brand impact analysis data has been removed.