The Google Search ‘Reunion’ Ad Goes Viral. 4M+ Views In 6 Days

Google Search ‘Reunion’ ad film set against the India-Pakistan partition crosses 4 million views in 6 days since its upload


The Google Search ‘Reunion’ ad goes viral. With more than 4 million views in the last 6 days and almost everyone you know online appreciating the ad, Google has managed to pull all the right chords. Sparking the term ‘googled’ for ‘finding something on the internet’, the search engine giant has managed the right blend of emotions with its complicated search algorithm to make it your everyday go-to information tool, in a digitally connected world separated by borders.

Described as “Partitions divide countries, friendships find a way”, the story has been set against the India-Pakistan partition in 1947 - a painful moment in the history of both countries, one that saw millions being displaced and separated from their near and dear ones to never meet again. ‘Reunion’ is about two such childhood friends who grew up together in Lahore in undivided India, but separated during the partition.

It’s been over 6 decades since then and both have now grown up to be adorable grandfathers, with a piece of their childhood memories still intact. When the grandfather in India gets nostalgic when talking about his childhood friend now in Pakistan to his granddaughter, she decides to reunite them on his birthday.

Next follows a series of Google searches triggered by whatever little her grandfather had described to her. Search terms like ‘park with ancient gate in Lahore”, “oldest sweet shop near mochi gate Lahore” keep leading her on, to finally zero-in to the sweet shop owned by his childhood friend in Pakistan. She succeeds to reunite them, with her efforts and a little help from Google Search!

One can also use captions to translate the ad film in 9 languages like Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, French, Dutch, Urdu, etc. Uploaded on the Google India YouTube channel on Nov 13, 2013, it has been viewed 4,095,833 times and received 54,426 likes as I write this. While the ad has stirred our hearts, it also helps Google to bond better with its users and showcase its varied uses in our lives.