The Glitch Story – From A Digital Production House To A Digital Agency [Video]

Rohit Raj, Co-Founder at The Glitch talks about how he and his co-founder Varun Duggirala ended up forming the digital agency


“We never started The Glitch with a plan. However I and Varun wanted to start a production house that only deals in digital content. We wanted to make digital content which is only for digital and not a TVC uploaded on YouTube and called as digital,” shared Rohit Raj.

Rohit who is the co-founder and Right Brain of The Glitch – a digital agency based out in Mumbai with an office in Delhi, was sharing his startup journey. The 150 plus strong agency is also ably supported by his friend and co-founder – Varun Duggirala.

Varun and Rohit have been friends from their Symbiosis days. From class mates, they became friends, best friends, room-mates and are now leading one of the well known creative and digital agency in the country. In fact it was the support of Varun that gave him the confidence to start something informs Rohit. “The confidence to start the agency only happened because Varun quit his job. If I was alone or he was alone neither one of us would have taken the plunge. It happened because someone was backing you.”

In the first part of the video conversation, Rohit talked about how the agency has evolved in the last five years, how was growing up like and finally graduating with a degree in film making. He also talked about his days of working at Channel V and its influence on the work being done at The Glitch today.

In this second part of the video conversation, Rohit shares how life shaped up after both the co-founders quit their jobs at Channel V and started their own agency. He also talks about the bond he shares with Varun.