The Frooti Life Of 2016 Will Make You Go ‘Mango Bango’ And There’s A Story This Time

The lyrics weren't appreciated last year, so understandably, 'aam suckita lickita enjoyita' has given way to 'choos the mango.. choose the Frooti Life' this year

The red pill or the blue pill? “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” Neo made a choice in the Matrix and changed how the world looked at science fiction movies forever.

Our hero in the new Frooti commercial, Shah Rukh Khan also makes a choice, except that his Wonderland or The Frooti Life is secured inside a vial filled with yellow liquid.

Frooti, the flagship mango drink brand from Parle Agro underwent a massive rebranding exercise last year to shed off its ‘kiddy’ image, and introduce the world to ‘The Frooti Life’. A 50-second stop motion animation ad told the story of a mango getting inside a giant Frooti bottle with miniature characters - much like the ones in Gulliver’s travels – huffing and puffing away to push it in but finally finding that when they collectively said ‘aam suckita..lickita..enjoyita’ the giant mango went in by itself!

SRK comes in at the end where we see him picking up the Frooti bottle from his shopping bag, which is where all this was happening.

This year, the plot gets interesting.

SRK is seen climbing steps to push open a dull colored door labelled ‘Life.’ He finds a row of really bored people clad in dull office wear, chanting “chase the mango, choos the mango,” in the most lifeless way possible. He shuts the door, and jumps on finding this little monk kid dressed in yellow standing right beside him. The kid hands him a vial labelled ‘The Frooti Life’ and scurries away with a childlike naughty giggle.

Now SRK finds himself in front of a yellow door labelled ‘’The Frooti Life”, but it just won’t open. He tries to lick the handle along with the mantra ‘suckit..lickit’ but still no luck. Finally, he drinks from the vial and poof! SRK is inside a wacky, colourful world where people dressed in bright colours and wearing mango neckpieces are going bonkers.

As they chant away ‘chase the mango, choos the mango’, SRK is seen following all that in that crazy world. The monk kid is hiding the Frooti bottle playfully, while SRK manages to chase and ‘choos’ the mango.

One moment our hero is swinging up and down in that world, and poof - next moment he and the viewer is transported back to reality. SRK is now standing on a set with a bottle of Frooti, facing the director, the camera guy and other crew; embarrassed, he quickly stops the jig and gets into his brand ambassador role. With a sip and a smile, he says, ‘Live the Frooti Life’.

The lyrics weren’t appreciated last year, so understandably, ‘aam suckita lickita enjoyita’ has given way to ‘choos the mango’ this year. The creative agency is Sagmeister & Walsh again.

Prior to revealing the new commercial, the ad was released partly in a teaser video, inviting curiosity over how SRK would get inside that yellow door. On the social media front, Frooti’s Twitter  handle has been busy engaging with influencers over SRK’s methods to get inside the door. An idea of The Frooti Life is being shared as gifs created from the ad.

The Playful Life

In the clutter of mango drinks, Frooti sure has made a distinctive mark this year. The new commercial demonstrates how exciting The Frooti Life is in comparison to the mundane one; armed with a neat story about choices in life, and some crazy graphics to go with it, SRK has been leveraged well for the story. Extending the idea on to digital with the help of influencers is what is as per the norm in digital marketing, there is no element of surprise there. However, the brand has put in some effort in creative engagement and did not push a standard influencer-driven Twitter trending campaign.

The Frooti Life would need to be reinforced in line with its wacky, dreamy, surrealistic world, for it to slowly gel with consumers, and not alienate them from the mango drink. Content is the key here and we can see that the brand has been indulging in smart social listening and responding in appealing visuals and gifs since the last year, at the launch of this re-branding campaign, where Frooti got to establish itself as the brand that’s ‘innocently naughty’. The Frooti Life digital induction led to 32.2M impressions, with the exciting plot this year around, the numbers could soar!