How Digitas LBi’s Digital Induction Of The Frooti Life Led To 32.2M Impressions

Case study by DigitasLBi for Frooti in which the agency leveraged digital to bring alive the new brand proposition of ‘The Frooti Life’, with realtime & relevant responses

Frooti Life

The Client

Frooti is one of the oldest and largest-selling mango flavoured drinks in India. After sticking to the same packaging since the brand first started in 1985, it was time for this legendary mango drink to refresh its packaging, and maybe the whole country as well. Keeping that in mind, Frooti introduced an all new look and established #TheFrootiLife – a magical and surreal world, where amazing things happen.

The Agency

Over the past 6 years, DigitasLBi has focused on helping our clients transform their business for the digital age. We have evolved the client’s businesses through solutions that arise from business expertise and understanding of the digital space; by delivering a long term perspective and measurable results.

Problem statement

Frooti renewed its positioning, changed its packaging, and we had to take this new look & feel of the product to the digital audience.

To live on social and digital media, the brand needed to tweak its tone of voice, make it more cheeky and witty. And it was important to straddle a delicate line where it never came of us patronizing or over-smart.

Identified objectives

  • Create curiosity around the new look and feel of the brand and also generate conversations around the change.
  • Induct the audience into the new brand proposition of ‘The Frooti Life’.

The Strategy/Execution

The new Frooti views itself as a brand that is “innocently naughty”. The new campaign is a peek into this separate world where magical and surreal things can occur, which we call “The Frooti Life”. This highly stylised world is shown through our TVC and our campaign which brings in miniatures that interact with the larger-than-life Frooti packaging and mangoes.

The main platform for conversations was Twitter – where we needed to get people to see the world that the brand was trying to creare. With the help of social listening, we engaged in real-time conversations by responding to them with statements in our tone of voice using relevant (well, in our world) accompanying visuals from the new design language. With some study of people’s profiles and tweets, we wanted to show how the brand was cued in to their passions, so they could associate with the brand as they had done before.

Influencers played a big role, as their conversations were leveraged to show how exciting ‘The Frooti Life’ can be. We also rode on current trends and tactical conversations to give people a peek into the new tone and the whole worlds of ‘The Frooti Life’.

This helped us segue into the second phase, where we wished to show Frooti as the same, playful brand but with edgier humour. So, we executed a campaign with the aim of turning people’s day around. How? Anyone with a bad mood, off morning, or the plain old blues was welcomed to ‘The Frooti Life’ with open arms. A crate of Frooti with personalised messages saw many craving a taste, some sending ‘The Frooti Life’ to their grumpy friends, and others hogging it all for themselves.

Each tweet, response, and message that went up via Frooti was crafted in a way that established the tone of voice for the brand – witty, cheeky, irreverent, and knows how to have fun.


The campaign had an amazing response and this saw it achieve an estimated reach of 32.2 million impressions from 6,780 mentions by 4,330 users apart from TV and PR driving additional conversations.


The brand not only delivered ‘quality over quantity’ conversations, but also reached out to the right kind of people. More importantly, by the end of the campaign, it got everyone talking about it to talk highly about it.

Here’s the case study video: