The Faaso’s Twitter Secret Revealed In 140

The Faaso's Twitter Secret Revealed In 140

The moment you hear Faaso’s, you think of juicy wraps to satisfy your hungry tummy. In the food business, Faaso’s is known to be a brand that is genuinely active on social media and specially associated to Twitter. For people who are still not aware, Faaso’s is one of the world’s first restaurants to introduce tweet-2-order.

Well you might think- is that a big deal? It is a small effort to make the life of a customer easy and simple, but that’s the big deal. Twitter being the third largest active social network in India justifies the choice by Faaso’s too. So the next time you call up Faaso’s for a wrap, do save your energy, tweet and place an order with #faasosnow.

That is the Faaso’s story even though most of the other Indian brands are spamming their Twitter community. So we at Lighthouse Insights felt the need to talk with community managers who are decoding their one forty characters well. To start with, we have Jaydeep Barman, CEO of Faaso’s as our first guest on a Friday night. However, we did a small twist to this interview by tying the answers to one forty characters.


One Forty Characters by Jaydeep Barman!


Q1.What does Twitter for Faaso’s mean?

A1.Having a firsthand view what are customers saying.

Q2. What does Faaso’s tweet about?

A2. Anything desi like cricket, bollywood, politics, etc.

Q3. Retweets or Mentions, what is important?

A3. Retweets.

Q4. Replying is a Must or Choice for you?

A4. Must.

Q5. #fail, how do you handle it?

A5. Leave no stone unturned in finding what happened and talking to customers.

Q6. Leads from Twitter, possible and how?

A6. Yes. possible through tweet to order #fassosnow.

Q7. One forty characters of advice for SME’s / Startup.

A7. Be a person and not a brand bot.


Personally, I like the A3 and A5, a big learning for us and for all those SMEs/Startups that are trying to create a presence on Twitter. Thankyou Jaydeep for taking time out to talk to us. If you have any ideas or suggestions about our new interview series for Twitter in one forty characters, we are all ears.