The Extra Strong Axe Effect On Social Media

by Prasant on March 30, 2022


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Social Media Marketing is about how you reach out to your fans on social media. And to do that a brand needs to discover its own voice to project  itself on the medium. Some prefer to be funny, some intend to stay raw, while some prefer to be sizzling hot. Of course, I’m talking about Hindustan Unilever’s deodorant brand, Axe that has been more famous for its Axe Angels club. On the other hand, Axe has also been the most criticized brand for its sleazy positioning. I think it is how the brand wants to be known and the fans aren’t complaining either. Seeing this upbeat support,  the brand has recently launched a strengthened version of its fragrance for Indian consumers.  To push this new product launch Hindustan Uniliver and it’s digital agency 22Feet has made its presence felt via Twitter, Youtube and a revised website, in the first phase of the campaign.

The digital campaign was timed well with the recently concluded Asia cup, along with the ‘Breaking News’ TVC live on air.  In addition, Axe had a revamped website which gave all the indication that it is a place for stronger Axe men and not for women. To portray this, the site quite cheekily allows only men to enter, though one can easily fool the program. The site is just a collection of videos and images for fans to allure.

The brand has also tried to promote the new product via Twitter and Youtube. A hashtag #stronglyattractedto was created by the brand that matched with the tone of the TVC. The idea was to create hype and awareness among fans during the Asia cup. With a community of more than 2,230 followers and adding up 229 followers last month, the brand has done a pretty decent job. This can be seen in the below screen shot provided by Unmetric.

Data provided by Unmetric

The breaking news format that Axe adopted on its digital medium i.e. on Youtube got a good response from fans. “The New Extra Strong Axe” message that was portrayed via Youtube also reached a staggering 5.2 million impressions and was able to generate 2.6 million unique users as revealed by HUL to AFAQS.(1)

The whole campaign that has been executed till now, is in its initial phase. Axe plans to take the engagement further in the later parts of the campaign to Facebook and mobile platforms. As a social media strategist, one would argue that Axe could have done the same with Facebook instead of Twitter, with Facebook being the largest social network in India. However, since the objective of the brand was to create awareness leading to conversations, you can’t have a better medium than Twitter.

Moving further, I would love to see the campaign holding fans for longer durations, by way of gaming and trying to tie the offline and online promotions world. One good idea could be introducing the product itself as free gift hampers on Facebook. This will definitely lead to some positive word of mouth about the product and get people talking about the brand which is less than 2% right now.  It would also be interesting to see if Axe walks on the path of blogging and tries to create more buzz amongst the blogging community. Recently, we had seen how Stayfree did a 360 degree digital campaign tying Facebook, blogging and offline events together for it’s new product launch.

I am keen to see the temperatures rise higher in the later phases of Axe’s social media campaign.

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  • Pawan Kumar Sharma

    The article is point driven and stats based. Loved it :)

    • Prasant Naidu

      Thanks Pawan :) hope we see more of the angels….

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