The Disney Princess Academy On Facebook And The Contemporary Princess Tales

About the 'Disney Princess Academy' On Facebook and how Disney India is building the idea of a contemporary princess who is brave, helpful and kind

Disney_India_Princess academy

We’ve grown out of princesses and the aura of magical fairy tales. But, Disney – the Walt Disney dream company – just can’t seem to do that. The brand has seemingly started to re-align the concept of princesses and their significance in our lives  today. Disney India has recently released the ‘I Am A Princess’ video, featuring every day girls who embody the true meaning of being a ‘princess’ in today’s times.

The video that has been uploaded on the Disney India brand channel on YouTube, is a celebration of qualities like being brave, kind, generous and compassionate. Here’s the video:

As an extension to its plans to celebrate the ‘princess’ inside every young girl, the brand has launched the Disney Princess Academy on Facebook. The academy is being hosted on a Facebook app called ‘She can be a Disney Princess‘. One needs to ‘like’ the page to enter the app.

About the Disney Princess Academy

The Disney Princess Academy app is categorised into two sections: Grooming Tips and Learning from Movies.

‘Grooming Tips’, as the name suggests, talks about the importance of right grooming for your child. It has table manners, teaching the value of money, hygiene, etc. but what is interesting is that each grooming tip has been carefully matched with a Disney product. For instance, the ‘Disney Princess Royal Talking Cash Register’ has been displayed alongside the information on how it can teach your child the art of budgeting and the value of money.


The second section ‘Learning from movies’ takes the message from Disney movies like Cinderella, Snow White and Tangled. Little girls can learn and imbibe attributes like being optimistic just as Cinderella inspite of the tough times in her family. The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs can teach about being good natured and helpful to others. Tangled, the story of Rapunzel who kept her spirits high despite being trapped in a tower, can teach girls to be brave and adventurous.

#ThePrincessInMylife on Twitter

Apart from Facebook, Disney India is also quite active on Twitter to spread the message of the contemporary Disney princess. Twitteraties are being asked to share who is the princess in their life, embedding the ‘I am a Princess’ video into the tweet. Besides, tweets are being tagged with the hashtag #ThePrincessInMylife.

To add to this, the brand’s Twitter page has been tagging influencers with the message too. However, only a few seem to have replied along with tagging the person who is the princess in their life!

Is this a survival strategy?

In the increasingly realistic world of entertainment in India, reality shows are favoured over shows or movies based on fairy tales or ancient Indian mythologies. Brands are keen to focus their campaigns around reaching out to the younger crowds, rather than sticking to their old formulas. On its part, Disney India is bringing the idea of a contemporary princess who is brave, smart and helpful, in the hope to create a brand reconnect and revival. It is interesting to note that the brand has often been accused of teaching young girls to aspire to be beautiful and wait for a guy to help them out, rather than help themselves!

The Disney Princess Academy is smart selling on Facebook. Also, it is a cool idea to bring forth the importance of the Disney princesses, especially when Disney has probably exhausted with making movies out of all of the fairy tales in the world. Apparently, the brand that survived on the power of fairy tales, magic and dreams, is now keen to make a mark in our daily lives with it’s ‘Who is the princess in your life?’ communication strategy.

I’m impressed with the concept of the video and hope that this would revive Disney as a brand that resonates with a wider target  group of thoughtful parents. However, the idea of connecting with adults on Twitter seems a little odd to me.