The Debut Campaign By Wills Lifestyle On Facebook Studio

The Debut Campaign By Wills Lifestyle is on Facebook Studio for you to vote for it. Even though the campaign hits the right note but has two major problems that I have shared in the post.

Facebook Studio, the latest initiative by Facebook is quite cool. Not only does it give me pride as Indian agencies are showcasing their work but also gives me a chance to see some incredible work by global players. A great place to observe, learn and review the amazing work showcased by the Indian agencies. I started with ‘The Great Indian Picture Contest’, a campaign designed by ODigMa for its client Infinium Toyota. If you are wondering what this campaign is all about then click here.

Wills Lifestyle Landing Page


The Debut Campaign

The latest entry to the submissions is ‘The Debut’ campaign executed by Sirez Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. for the Wills Lifestyle brand. Wills Lifestyle, the premium fashion and lifestyle brand for men and women is also the title sponsor of Asia’s biggest and India’s premiere fashion event- Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. Wills Lifestyle has been conducting ‘The Debut’, All Indian Design Competition for the last five years. The competition for last four years has provided a platform for young artists to show their talent but was open only for the final year students from India’s premium fashion designing institutes. I think this was bit unfair as the real art is hidden in the dust of rural landscapes. In comes Sirez who thought of expanding the reach of this competition by inviting Facebook fans. So the game changing idea proposed was giving a special wild card entry to the regional rounds of The Debut exclusively through Facebook! A simple idea but has a great potential for going viral among fans.

Wills Lifestyle

The team at Sirez created a Facebook application where people need to upload their creations by uploading a sketch or an image of their design work. After that the gallery was thrown open to the public to vote for their favorite designs.


The Debut Campaign Result

The three week long campaign saw a participation of 197 entries amassing 10,977 votes. Four winners were announced based on the votes earned a wild card entry to the regional rounds of The Debut. With this the campaign also helped in increasing the community of Will’s Lifestyle Facebook Page by 15, 900 new fans.


My Thoughts

The campaign has obviously hit the right chords. The idea of providing wild card entry was a game changing one as it gave a chance for the Facebook fans to be part of the brand that they are supporting. I think brands will have to provide such experiences to fans to really be called a ‘Social Brand’. The idea of gaining votes also gave the campaign a chance to get more eyeballs, leading to the massive growth of the community. However, it would have been really great if the criteria of winning wouldn’t have rested only on the mere likes of fans.

However The Debut campaign has two major problems that I witness:

1. The campaign went on declaring the results with the name of the contestants on the Facebook page itself as shown in the below screenshot. Now according to Facebook’s promotional guidelines you can’t do any such activity.

Wills Lifestle Facebook

2. Sirez has mentioned in the case study submitted in Facebook Studio that Wills LifeStyle has decided to keep this campaign as a regular feature on the Facebook Page. I don’t find any such tab. Am I missing something guys?


Nevertheless, I like this campaign for the idea that it gave a chance to many talented folks who perhaps could not get a chance otherwise. I think this factor will help fans to decide to vote for the campaign. So if you wish to vote for The Debut campaign then do click here.

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