The Curious Digital Marketer 2.0 Promoted Via Twitter #CuriousDigitalMarketer

About the Twitter promotions for The Curious Digital Marketer 2.0, where one had to tweet funny digital marketing quotes and 10 lucky ones could get T-shirts with their quotes printed on them

The second book in The Curious Digital Marketer series is out with 101 answers to the most common questions by India’s leading digital marketing practitioners. The Curious Digital Marketer 2.0 is a quick and interactive guide that can help one stay ahead in the Digital Marketing space. Brought by afaqs! Campus, the knowledge and training arm of, The Curious Digital Marketer 2.0 has been promoted through a fun Twitter contest called ‘Wear your Tweet’.

One had to tweet a digital marketing quote using the hashtag #CuriousDigitalMarketer and 10 lucky winners would get t-shirts with their tweets printed on them.

The contest was promoted on both of its social networks - Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page which has more than 2k fans, has been promoting about the contest while sharing some witty digital media jokes. In addition to this, the Facebook page has been sharing a bunch of screen grab of tweets from the digital influencers and its followers who have been talking about the book as well as the contest.

On Twitter the hashtag #CuriousDigitalMarketer was launched for its followers. The Afaqs Twitter handle has been about the contest, how one can participate in the contest and also informing about the book to the digital players in the market. Launched with an intention to promote the book, the contest ‘Wear your Tweet’ which has ended now, wasn’t a big campaign yet it did the job in a simple way. The contest received close to 400 responses with a reach of 157K, as informed by Kapil Ohri, Head, afaqs! Campus.

Creating a Twitter contest with simultaneous promotions on Facebook is the way to integrate social networks. Glad to see that it was not only promoting the book but also tried to connect with fans with an interesting incentive.