The Controversy Behind @PMOIndiaArchive And @PMOIndia Twitter Accounts

The political Twitter controversy behind the @PMOIndiaArchive And @PMOIndia Twitter Accounts

Political rivalry is no more showcased only on offline but finds its place online too. During the recently concluded 16th Lok Sabha Elections, we had witnessed how Twitter became a controversy network. Now that the elections are over and the Congress is fading out after a decade, BJP’s Modi is all set to become the new Prime Minster of India, the controversies are hard to evaporate. The latest one being with the ownership of the official Twitter handle of the PM.

The official Twitter account of the ex Prime Minister (to be read as Dr. Manmohan Singh) of India’s Office has been renamed with a new account slated to take its place soon. The account has been renamed @PMOIndiaArchive, complying with the RTI Act and has all the tweets posted by the office till May 20.

Besides a new account has been created for the new PM (to be read as Narendra Modi) under the name of @PMOIndia. The account is clean as a slate but has already got more than 14.3K followers. The old Twitter account which tweeted last on May 17th 2014 has 1.24 million followers.

The entire episode of archiving and creating a fresh account has irked the BJP. According to a leading news agency ANI, the BJP said “Outgoing team PM Office has wrongly renamed Twitter handle of @PMOIndia against laws & accepted global norms of handover of digital assets”.

Arvind Gupta, BJP IT Cell Head said, “In an unethical manner they renamed @PMOIndia accnt, should have archived the tweets & handed over the handle.” BJP’s Twitter account made sure to raise its voice against the illogical behavior:

Ideally, Twitter should have been handled in a similar fashion, as the way things are transferred by the outgoing PM’s office to the new PM. We can’t have archival accounts for every outgoing PM every five years. But it appears that neither the PM’s office nor the UPA party really get the essence of social media. It remains to be seen whether Modi gets hold of the old PMO account or will his office start working from the new account.

Any which ways it would be only a matter of time before Modi’s PMO account becomes popular like his personal account which he has used massively during his election campaigning days.