The Contenders By George Kovoor - Content That Sets The Trend

George Kovoor, in his first bimonthly column piece 'The Contenders' writes about 3 amazing Indian ads - British Airways Fuelled By Love, ICICI Bank Radi Library and Bajaj V INS Vikrant

Editor’s Note: George Kovoor, a creative soul and Senior Creative Director at OgilvyOne Worldwide starts a bi-monthly column at LI with the intention to share his thoughts on ad campaigns that strike a chord with him. Opinions expressed in this post are the author’s personal views.

As an avid consumer of content I have always been on the look out for great content. Here are 3 pieces that caught my eye from among all those that have been trending in the last few weeks.

The first is the wonderful “Fueled by Love” film from British Airways. BA are making a habit of creating films that tell great stories. “Fueled by Love” is the story of a British Airways flight attendant on her first visit to India. On board the flight from Heathrow to Hyderabad she meets an old woman returning from a visit to her son in London. Through the flight the two women build a strong bond, a bond that fuels the young British flight attendant’s love for India.

Why do I like this film? It is a great example of the age old art of storytelling. It is also a lesson for all content creators. Stick to the basic of storytelling- keep it simple and strike a bond with your audience.

The ICICI Bank’s “Radi Library” film is another simple yet powerful example of storytelling. A compelling story of a rag picker who has built a library of books picked out of the radi he collects every day from houses around the city.

This is not a new story. All of us have stories of our maids, drivers and servants who have beaten great odds to study and succeed. That’s what makes the “Radi Library” film so relatable and engaging. It is a story tailormade to spark conversation in social media and allow people to share their own inspiring stories.

I have saved the best for last. This is my personal favourite piece - the awesome Bajaj V campaign. Where do I begin! It is great product idea. A great branding idea! A great design idea! A great storytelling idea! A great advertising idea! What an awesome idea to melt the legendary aircraft carrier INS Vikrant and build a motorbike out of it! So that when you buy the new Bajaj V you have history, patriotism and a great story all fused into one invincible bike.

The idea is inherently social, shareable and news worthy. It is the near perfect answer to a common client request – “can you create a viral?” It is probably the only piece of work in recent time that I wished I had done!