The Bloodline Club, A Tata Docomo Initiative

A review of the Bloodline Club, an Initiative by Tata Docomo to create a virtual network of blood donors

Needing blood urgently is a very common phenomenon and despite having a large number of donors around us, sometimes we do not connect at the right time and a life is lost. In order to tackle this issue, Tata Docomo has started The Bloodline Club, an online social initiative that leverages the power of social networks.

How The Bloodline Club works?

Once you become a member, you can request for blood in an emergency by contacting Tata Docomo on Facebook, Twitter or SMS. Just mention the blood group required and your location and The Bloodline Club will send your appeal across the network. Upon receiving your appeal, other members who wish to donate may call you directly or as per your preferred mode of contact. As a member, you too will receive requests for blood and may choose to save a life.

The Bloodline Club, A Tata Docomo initiative

To join the club, you have to register for membership at the dedicated website by giving your mobile number and blood group. The good thing about joining is that you can join either through your Facebook or your Twitter login, no need to fill lengthy forms. But the best part of all is – it is FREE, no charges whatsoever! You can also select how you want to be contacted, via Facebook, Twitter or mobile and you are all set for an emergency.

What’s happening on Facebook?

For promoting the Bloodline Club, the brand has also launched a fun-filled game called ‘Super Saver’ on its Facebook page. A bunch of people in the shape of blood drops (your bloodline family) are in urgent need of blood and your task is to donate as much blood as you can and save lives. You win points as per the percentage of blood you donate, like you win 10 points if you donate to someone with 0% blood but only 3 points for someone with 25% blood. And if you donate to a person with 100% blood, you get minus 10 points! You lose a life every time a member dies due to lack of blood. The game ends if you lose all your lives and the donor with the highest points wins.

Super saver game Facebook app

There is a message for you at the end when your game is over. It says ‘Game not over, no one deserves to run out of blood’ and then the message of the bloodline club is displayed. You can choose to invite your friends or share your score. You can also join the bloodline club from the ‘join now’ button.

Apart from the synergy between the Bloodline Club and Super Saver game, this initiative has also been executed well. I like it for the below reasons:

  • The Tata Docomo Facebook community has more than 6 million fans and what better way to leverage this network than starting the Bloodline club. This is a brilliant CSR initiative by a brand which has been a pioneer in CSR activities.
  • For a brand whose mission is ‘Do the New’ and describes itself as ‘Disruptive innovator’, the concept and ideation throughout the campaign, blends perfectly well with the brand image.
  • The Supersavers app is a fun, message-driven, action oriented game that makes you join the Bloodline Club at once. Given that most of your community is made up of youngsters, this is a really smart move.

I am joining the Bloodline club, who knows I may become a Super saver! Go ahead, register yourself and you may save a life.