The Bangalore Blogathon By The Bombay Store

by Vinaya Naidu on May 25, 2022


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The Bombay Store, a rich legacy of products that revels in bringing out the best of traditional Indian culture in each of them, has just launched The Bangalore Blogathon. The Bangalore Blogathon invites passionate bloggers to select their favourite theme from amongst three given themes about ‘Namma Bengaluru’ and two lucky winners would get gift vouchers worth Rs. 5000/- and Rs. 2500/-

All you have to do is post your blog link on The Bombay Store Facebook page until May 29. And if you are shortlisted on May 30, based on the originality and passion in your post, you will be taken on a ‘Tour-de-store’ at the store’s new outlet on 1 MG Road Mall on June 2. Post the tour, you have to review the new store in another post. Then if you are among the two lucky winners based on your store review, you stand to win the gift voucher!

The good thing is that the themes are based on the Bombay Store and so calls for a research or at least a visit to the store. The first theme “The Bombay Store - A Pleasant Shopping Experience”, is bound to lure the regular patrons and loyalists. The second theme “The Bombay Store—An Enticing History”, comes across as a smart way to get your customers to discover more about your history and makings. The last theme “The Bombay Store - A Perfect blend of Traditional and Contemporary Style” would surely get people to acquaint themselves with the brand more closely.


The blogging contest has been announced on the Bombay Store’s Facebook wall with the help of a tab. As you can see in the picture above, it is a well designed and informative one. On click, it takes you to a Facebook note, comprising of everything you would need to know to participate in this blogathon. I specially want to thank them for this note. It has the key dates as well as the blogathon judging criteria and terms and conditions, set out rather neatly.

My thoughts on ‘The Bangalore Blogathon’:

The Bangalore Blogathon is a clean, simple yet a beautiful blogging campaign. I wish I were in Bangalore just for this! This is probably the first time that I have come across a brand launching a new outlet through a blogging contest and not on Twitter as is popularly seen. Many new outlets are launched on Twitter by tagging the influencers and getting them to retweet you in return for a gift voucher. While this is a good practise, it should not be the ‘only’ one. Some of them are also implementing Google Plus hangouts to do the same. The Bombay Store approach to target bloggers seems to be well-thought of, given that Bangalore seems to have the largest number of active bloggers in the country.

Besides, the smartly themed topics around The Bombay Store and its rich history, the mix of contemporary and traditional style in products and the entire shopping experience in itself, is remarkable. Instead of listing the brand legacy and features on your brochure, isn’t it nice to get your customers to do it for you! In addition to that, the winner gets a voucher which is again a good promotion for the brand’s products.

The brand has a decently engaged community on Facebook with more than 5000 fans and a beautiful blog too. This blogging contest is just another feather in its cap.

So what do you think about the Bangalore Blogathon? Are you game for it?

Vinaya Naidu

Co-Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. A student of life, art and building relationships. Love to read just about anything and strongly believe that books make a beautiful world.

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