The Amazing Everyday, Windows Phone India Facebook Campaign

A article on the Amazing Everyday, Windows Phone India Facebook campaign and the app

Winning a mobile phone was never so easy. A recent Youtube ad by Windows Phone India made a tempting offer to me. The ad asked me to describe what apps would I like to have in a Nokia LUMIA 800. In return for this activity, I could stand a chance to win a brand new LUMIA powered by Windows. Now isn’t that a tempting offer?

The Amazing Everyday Contest

On click the ad took me to its Facebook app, which was hosting the contest. Once the app authenticated by taking my basic profile details, I was taken to the Facebook app. The app has been designed well keeping in mind the user experience. Once you are on the app click on the “Start Sharing” button, which would ask you to add your favorite apps. The selection of apps is quite cool as the app provides different categories from which you can choose your apps. For example there are categories like “We Recommend”, “Social”, “Productivity”, etc. So you need to select 6 apps and describe why do you like these apps in 87-character max. Not a tough job if you are crazy about apps like I am. Finally when you are done with the selection of apps, you are asked to save and share amongst your friends. Besides this, you don’t just try your luck for winning a Nokia phone but you can select a gift from choices like “Bartending Classes”, “Horse Riding”, “Yoga”, etc. Don’ t you think this is a cool thing to have along with your shiny new Nokia LUMIA phone? I have tried my luck after seeing so many regular winners on the wall. I am sure you must have tried out by now and if you are still thinking then make sure you do before 30th June, 2012.

Windows Phone India
Facebook App

Is the app cool?

Definitely the app is a cool one and scores full marks in creation and execution. I have listed the below reasons for the app being appealing to me:

1. A simple and no brainer app which makes a clear choice for participants to play it more. A takeaway for all app developers that apps are built for common users and not for geeks.

2. Features like selection of apps, moving back functionality within the app, etc. are small things but very much required for the proper functioning of the app and making a users’s time worth spending and enjoyable. Also the app has been tested and executed well to make for a better user experience.

3. The most positive point of the app is that it follows Facebook app guidelines, which are ignored by most of the apps that we review. Every time the app posts content on your Facebook wall it asks for your consent before posting. An important takeaway for all app developers who are ignoring Facebook guidelines blindly.

Facebook app guidelines

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I am impressed by the app as well as the overall campaign that is being hosted on the Facebook page. Simple and an awesome campaign that not only drives the popularity of the Nokia LUMIA but also that it is a Windows powered phone.

So are you game for it?