The Internet is a store house of creative artwork using Photoshop. The best use from our country was during the recent General Elections in India, when a controversy was born every day and later converted into memes, gifs with the help of Photoshop. And not to forget the twisting of facts with the help of Photoshop but then we have also seen that Photoshop fails. So when the world no. three, Swiss tennis player Roger Federer asked Indians to show him incredible India with their Photoshop skills, we didn’t disappoint him at all.

This December, the 17-time Gland Slam champion Roger will be seen displaying his magic in the Capital between 6th and 8th. It is no secret that Roger has his own line of fan following in the country but he wanted to have some fun. Since he would be in India just for two days and won’t be able to travel the entire country, so he tweeted to his fans to Photoshop him and show the places he should visit in India with #PhotoshopRF. The best ones were promised to be shared by the tennis player on his Twitter account.

Twitter exploded in support showing him incredible India in the most hilarious way one would expect. The 10 most hilarious tweets from #PhotoshopRF are shared below for you to have a look and crack up.

1. Roger at the Holi Festival

2. Roger taking a dip in the Ganges

3. Roger at the Taj Mahal

4. Roger leading an expedition in Jaisalmer

5. Roger riding an elephant

6. Roger as the main lead in ‘King of Bollywood’

7. Roger in a rickshaw

8. Roger in the double handed backhand

9. Roger lost in Mysore

10. Roger in action in Kerala boat race

11. Roger tasting the Indian food

Roger seemed to be blown by the images received on Twitter and he was humble enough to tweet some of the crazy ones while thanking his fans. #PhotoshopRF, great initiative by Roger’s digital PR, sorry the tennis player himself.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Editor at Lighthouse Insights.

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