The 20 Coolest Social Media Campaigns Of Quarter 4 2014

The best social media campaigns reviewed at LI in the fourth quarter of 2014

2014 was an interesting year both in terms of social media campaigns and changes in social networking behaviour. While the first quarter (See 31 Cool Indian Social Media Campaigns Of Quarter 1 2014) saw a rise in integrated campaigns in the space alongside traditional mediums, the second quarter (See 28 Interesting Indian Social Media Campaigns Of Quarter 2 2014) was marked with storytelling and co-creation. With Facebook no longer mandating creation of apps for running contests, and more mobile users eager to participate in the new, marketers were compelled to look for new ways to engage.

While we saw the first global Twitter recruitment, first digital video commercial, first fully-integrated social bank account, first women only web experience and more, mark the start of the year, the succeeding quarters have brought in definitive hashtags, interactivity, selfie avatars and personalized gratifications in real time, including deeper connect through storytelling and co-creation with consumers. (See 15 Best Indian Social Media Campaigns Of Quarter 3 2014).

Listed below are 20 of the most interesting Indian social media campaigns of Quarter 4, 2014, in random order:

1. MRF TyresMRF NV Mix’

MRF NV series

For the new NV series of tyres, MRF Tyres decided to do something exciting for all biking enthusiasts in the country. Blending music, biking and fun, MRF Tyres launched the ‘MRF NV Mix’ digital campaign where one could easily create music from bike sounds through an online console. The console had options to select the base track and add sounds like gear change, horn, air pressure, etc. One could share these tracks and win iPods, riding gear, headphones or even a Honda bike. More on the campaign here.

2. Lenovo YoGa2bFree


For the Yoga 2 tablet, Lenovo launched a fun interactive campaign called YoGa2bFree teaming up with four well-known Twitter influencers – actor Ashwin Mushran, gadget guru Ankit Vengurlekar, film critic Mihir Fadnavis and food blogger Kalyan Karmakar. Through interactive videos the four influencers could be seen trapped inside boxes; they could only be set free with the help of gamified clues given within a website. More on the campaign here.

3. Cadbury Glow launch


To capitalize on the festive season, Mondelez International chose to make its debut in India for its premium chocolate gifting brand, Cadbury Glow. Through a special influencer-driven marketing campaign, it highlighted the special feature of the chocolate wherein one can add personalization with special notes, songs, a photo album or a personalised video made from special moments of the sender and the receiver. More on the campaign here.

4. Philips India ‘HIM’


This October, Philips India initiated a breast cancer awareness campaign called the Husbands initiated Movement’ or HIM, where husbands played a key role in getting their wives examined. A short film called the ‘Silent couple’ coupled with a microsite was created for the campaign, in which women were educated on how to do a 10 minute breast self-examination test at home. Husbands were encouraged to take up a household chore while the microsite provided multiple ways to share information with wives. More on the campaign here.

5. Lenovo Vibe X2 #VibeUpMyLife


For the launch of the world’s first layered phone in India, the Lenovo Vibe X2, the phone maker launched a 72-hour art-a-thon campaign called #VibeUpMyLife. The campaign roped in 10 RAD artists who challenged users to have them add any layer to their photos, in real time. User challenges poured in on Facebook and Twitter, while the artists added romance, mystery, adventure, funk, masti and more. The vibed-up photos were shared with the users as well as featured on the microsite. Vibed up photos were shared here and here. More on the campaign here.

6. HE ‘Be interesting’


The newly launched male deodorant brand “He’ from FMCG major Emami was looking to establish a deeper connect with its fans around the brand philosophy – ‘Be Interesting’. The brand launched the ‘League of Interesting Men’ – a 21 day challenge where fans had to complete daily challenges in real time while going about in their lives. The challenges could be anything from photo bombing their boss to driving an auto rickshaw to performing in public. The campaign was supported through a microsite and participation incentivized by MacBook air, Xbox and Xiaomi mobiles. More on the campaign here.

7. Cadbury Celebrations #LeChaloKhushiyan


This Diwali, assorted chocolates brand Cadbury Celebrations decided to make it a special one for the Indian Army. It launched the #LeChaloKhushiyan campaign where Diwali wishes from all over the country were sent out to 3 different army bases. People were engaged on the social media front; the vans filled with Diwali wishes were fueled by tweets having the hashtag #LeChaloKhushiyan. Every movement of each van could be tracked via a Facebook app till it reached its destination. More on the campaign here.

8. VIP ‘Life leke chal’

VIP Lighttimes

Luggage brand VIP in its re-launch campaign for ‘Life leke chal’ brought a renewed focus to its range of lightweight bags with communication that centred around the lightness. Along with TVCs that highlighted the new range, the social media pages shared visuals highlighting the lightness. The website also integrated a travel blog called ‘LightTimes’ that featured light hearted content around travel for a fun and light reading experience for travel junkies. More on the campaign here.

9. Fox Life ‘Life mein ek baar’

Fox life lifemeinekbaar

For the launch of its popular reality show ‘Life Mein Ek Baar’ that has four female models indulge in adventure sports, Fox Life India chose a quirky digital promotion. It created a series of promo videos where four men who look nothing like models, indulged in some tasks like offering free hugs, frolicking away at the beach, etc. Contests were run through Facebook apps and a live Twitter chat was also held on the day of the premiere. More on the campaign here.

10. Project ‘Fill in the potholes’


A group of strategists, designers, writers, planners, engineers and developers decided to free Mumbai from potholes through an ambitious ‘Fill in the Potholes’ project. The idea was to crowdfund for a mobile app called the ‘Pothole Watch’ that would enable citizens to report and track the potholes spread across the city. Social media awareness was built through satirical visuals depicting superheroes caught in potholes. More on the campaign here.

11. Dabur Sanifresh ‘700se7kadam’

Dabur sanifresh 700se7kadam

On World Toilet Day, toilet cleaner brand Dabur Sanifresh launched ‘700se7kadam’ - a social media driven movement to help build toilets in the country. The timely campaign told the story of rural women like Laksmi who walked 700 steps just to relieve themselves, and how the campaign could help reduce it to 7 steps by building a toilet near their home. The initiative drove participation by asking people to join in through various ways like sharing the story, taking a pledge, sharing on social networks, etc. for which the brand would contribute from its sales. More on the campaign here.

12. Philips #LikeABrat


For its male grooming products, Philips India launched a campaign called #LikeABrat to promote the new brat philosophy of ‘Bold Rebellious and Trimmed’. The campaign included a film on the Brat Manifesto and a microsite where one could take an oath through webcam integraton and learn more about the brat philosophy via memes, lingo and beart styles. More on the campaign here.

13. Durex ‘RexTalk’


Earlier this year, condom brand, Durex took on the responsibility of getting Indians to talk freely about sex through its ‘Do the Rex’ campaign that created quite a furore. The campaign featuring Ranveer Singh had employed Bollywood and dance to get Indians comfortable with sex talks, while this time it went further with ‘Rex Talk’ - a safe sex initiative in association with MTV and NGO SAI. The campaign included monologue videos by Ranveer and a bootcamp show with MTV. More on the campaign here.

14. IndiaMART ‘Kaam Yahin Banta Hai’


India’s largest online marketplace, IndiaMART rolled out its new brand campaign featuring Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, to drive the core message of “Kaam Yahin Banta Hai”. The TVC was introduced following a social media campaign called #AaramKitune that invited users to share that one song they hummed when they wished to lighten up. A mashup video that had people singing their favourite tune was also created. More on the campaign here.

15. Godrej Masterbrand ‘Tweet a tune’

godrej tweet a tune

As part of Godrej Masterbrand, the company’s consumer connect initiative across its sub-brands, a series of storytelling TVCs were launched, along with co-creation campaign called ‘Tweet a Tune’ in association with professional singers from the Song Dew platform. Songs were created out of users’ tweets, which were then played on radio and social media dedicating it to the contributor. Interestingly, this was done for each of its products starting with the hashtag #FattakSeFurr for its mosquito repellent. More on the campaign here.

16. Lonely Planet ‘India Unexplored’


Lonely Planet India launched a 45-day digital campaign called ‘India Unexplored’ along with Skyscanner, a leading global travel search site. The idea was to find the yet undiscovered, lesser known places in the country with the help of travel enthusiasts. People could submit their discoveries of lesser known destinations under special themes and win big, with the only criteria that the place is listed on Google maps. More on the campaign here.

17. Strepsils #AbMontuBolega


Lozenges brand Strepsils was looking towards a larger vision on digital with the launch of #AbMontuBolega – an interactive campaign designed with the objective of enabling peoples’ opinions, where Montu represented that repressed voice which has finally found its calling. People could join in and add their opinions on trending topics like Indian Super League, Modi’s Make in India call to the world and more. More on the campaign here.

18. Borosil #BeautifulFood


Borosil launched the ‘Beautiful food’ social media campaign as the microwaveable glassware brand wanted to establish that food looks better or beautiful when it is served in Borosil products. A 2-phased approach involved food lovers, bloggers and the cooking community sharing pictures of #beautifulfood and a blogging contest where bloggers had to describe a delicious mouth watering meal, using words only and no images. More on the campaign here.

19. #VogueEmpower ‘It starts with you’


In celebration of its seventh anniversary this October, Vogue India embarked on a social awareness initiative called #VogueEmpower to empower women with the central message of - ‘It starts with you’. The campaign brought together 150+ influencers and thought leaders from various sectors to become the agents of change through social and digital media. A website was created to contain all the pledges and short films made for the initiative. Director Vikas Bahl’s short film visualising a utopia for women went viral with 4M+ views within two weeks. More on the campaign here.

20. #FastForHer

Shaadi fastforher

Matrimonial site launched a social initiative called #FastForHer on the occasion of Karwa Chauth this year. The festival that sees wives keep a day long fast for the long life of their husbands was tweaked by the #FastForHer initiative - husbands were also asked to fast for the long lives of their wives by taking a pledge with an empty plate. The social tagging campaign started with brand ambassador Chetan Bhagat pledging to fast for his wife and nominating more celebrity husbands to follow suit. More on the campaign here.

The above is curated from the social media campaigns reviewed at LI in the fourth quarter of 2014. In case we might have missed out on listing some worthy campaigns here, do share them with us in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share your favorite campaign from this list.

Happy 2015!

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