The 16 Most Engaging Mother’s Day Facebook Posts

The 16 Most Engaging Mother’s Day Facebook Posts measured by Unmetric, social media monitoring tool

Most brands will never miss a trick when it comes to an opportunity to engage with their fans on Facebook and Mother’s Day on Sunday was no different. Everyone from major banks to telecomm companies were getting in on the act with mostly sentimental, sometimes cute, occasionally tongue in cheek, messages that fans could share on their wall. Some brands saw better engagement than others, and companies that posted images naturally saw far higher engagement than those that did not.

The posts below are the Mother’s Day posts which have the best engagement according to the Unmetric engagement score.

Masoom Pears – India

Engagement Score: 447

India is known for being a family focused society so high engagement is not unusual for a post about such a close family member, but maybe this is a watershed moment in that it was an Indian brand on Facebook that garnered the highest amount of engagement from its fans. The photos themselves are some rather yummy looking cakes.

Cadbury’s Celebrations – India

Engagement: 373

The second best engaging post is from an international brand but on a page that is geo-focused to the Indian markets. Just like with the Masoom Pears post, Cadbury’s has also chosen to go with a cake based theme, maybe an indication that in India, what people like most of all is Moms and cake!


Engagement: 354

As you might expect from a company that has built itself around sentiment, Disney chose the highly adorable image of Dumbo with his Mom for its Mother’s Day greeting. This post actually received the most number of shares out of all the Mother’s Day photos, but the engagement score is lower because we factor in the number of fans each page has and estimated number of impressions. Therefore to reach the same level of engagement as Masoom, Disney needed a few more Likes, Comments and Shares.

Vicks VapoRub

Engagement: 322

Quite how Vicks managed to turn vapor rub in to something that people will actively engage with is a tribute to their social media team. The unique and different message in the Mother’s Day photo is probably one of the reasons why so many people shared it.

Domino’s – Australia

Engagement: 191

Australians have a reputation for being a no nonsense kind of people and that’s what came to mind when we saw this highly engaging Mother’s Day image. Where other brands have gone for beautiful photos, sentimental messages, Domino’s Australia has opted for some basic honest to goodness virtual flowers which say “there ya go, Mom, Happy Mother’s Day“.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Engagement: 185

We’re quite sure that Moms are the ones making most of the Mac’n’Cheese at home and this simple graphic from Kraft really resonated for many of their fans. With over 1,300 Shares and some pretty direct call to action in the description, this graphic didn’t just outperform all other posts by the brand in the past month, it blew them out of the water.

Sierra Mists

Engagement: 167

cute message that certainly has some element of truth in it meant that this graphic was shared around by over 1,000 people and got plenty of Likes in the process.


Engagement: 164

A cool and stylish Mom, naturally dressed in an outfit from Macy’s, with her equally stylish daughter. No words are required, the photo tells its own story. The image certainly resonated with the fans because over 1,200 people shared it with their friends and presumably, their mothers.

The New Yorker

Engagement: 157

Famous for its wry cartoons that hold a microscope up to society, The New Yorker has opted for a cartoon that was printed last year and considers the grammatical challenges in the future when children could have Mommies rather that a Mommy.

Oreo – India

Engagement: 142

Another international brand and its geo-focused page for India scores high on the engagement levels. We’re pretty sure we’ve seen some of these photos before, though, on the Masoom Pears page! Still, if it works, who are we to criticize! With over one thousand shares, it certainly struck a chord with the fans. By contrast, the US Oreo Facebook page only managed an engagement score of 2 with their Mother’s Day post.

Animal Planet

Engagement: 138

We all know that cute animal photos engage like crazy on Facebook, they are like a virtual magnet and fans can’t view one without hitting the Like button or having an overwhelming urge to share it with friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re human, dog, cat, horse or a bird, Moms always have infinite amounts of patience for the kids and this picture captures it perfectly.


Engagement: 133

Better known for their borderline sexist ads than distributors of equality, Axe has played it safe with a LOLCat photo, which incidentally ties in nicely with their existing content strategy. Shared more for the cute factor than the emotional factor, this photo nevertheless clocked up over 1,200 shares in just one day.


Engagement: 121

We think Heineken was being slightly tongue in cheek with this photo, it looks like it could have been a reused photo from Valentine’s Day too. That said, over 10,000 people Liked it and over 2,500 thought it was good enough to share on their Facebook walls – just wonder what their Moms would have said had they really given them flowers in a beer bottle!


Engagement: 116

If you can’t say it with flowers, you can probably say it with Gucci. It’s possible that Gucci may have missed the memo about Mother’s Day being a special day full of sentiment and went ahead and posted a rather promotional photo album with Gucci products that you could buy for your Mom. That said, it doesn’t seem to have done any harm with over 18,000 Likes and over 1,200 shares.


Engagement: 93

The message is a little bit convoluted but the cute (and branded!) graphic makes up for that and gets the message across that Moms are special. Over 1,200 people thought so too and shared the image with their Facebook friends.


Engagement: 90

Strapping great big 7ft giants of basketball have Moms too and this photo set from the NBA captures some rare moments when the players are embracing their Moms at the side of the court. The photos moved nearly 1,500 people to share it with their friends as we get arare glimpse in the private life of the best known sports stars in the world.

Data Analysis Methodology

The Engagement Score calculation is based on the number of Likes, Comments, Shares and estimated impressions, so a page with a lower fan base can still have a better engagement score than a page with a huge fan base even if they don’t get as many interactions.

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