The 10 Most Engaging Friendship Day Facebook Posts

A list of 10 most engaging Friendship Day Facebook posts based on number of shares

In India Friendship Day or the spirit of friendship is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. With time these occasions are now more cherished on the web first. As usual my Facebook Sunday feed was jammed by people wishing everybody on the day.

Brands, who are out there for their fans while creating communities, didn’t miss the occasion either. Each wished their millions of fans in their own way. As Facebook is more about visual updates, most of the brands followed it expecting to soar engagement numbers. And, in fact some did!

Using Unmetric we have pulled out the 10 most engaging Facebook content posted by brands during Friendship Day. Weightage has been given to the maximum number of shares.

1. Vodafone Zoozoos: The most adorable brand on Facebook at least for it’s funny characters – Zoozoos, made sure that they brought a smile like always on the faces of their fans. With more than 14M fans, the brand posted a content on Sunday around 11 A.M. which has received more than 19K shares and got more than 2K people commenting on the post. The content also received more than 72K likes making it the most engaged content in the list. The message was all about the roller coaster ride every friendship in this world goes through.

2. OLX India: The marketplace for buyers and sellers, OLX has more than 3.7M fans and it made sure that it wished them on the occasion. The brand posted a visual content which had a message about what friendship is about. The content received more than 15K shares and more than 600 commented on the post. In addition to this, more than 22K people have liked the post, which incidentally doesn’t seem to be an original content.

3. Yebhi: India’s leading online shopping site also joined in the celebrations. With more than 1.4M fans on its Facebook page, the brand shared the content around 9:30 A.M. focused on the message that a true friend will accept what you are in present. The visual content was shared by more than 2K fans and has got more than 93 people commenting on the content. The content was also liked by more than 3K fans.

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk India: The chocolate brand carried further its ongoing Shubh Aarambh campaign on the day which is also about celebrating sweet friendship. The brand that has more than 6.9M fans posted a visual content that was shared by more than 2K fans and got more than 6K likes. The content also asked fans to tag their friends to wish them and that got more than 100 people commenting on the post.

5. Save The Tiger: The page is a community that is spreading the awareness of our national animal - Tiger. The page which has more than 2M  fans shared an amazing content which gave a glimpse of friendship train. The content got more than 1K shares and 17K people have liked the post. The page was quite open to provide credit to the photographer and it saw another 176 people commenting on it.

6. L’Oreal Paris India: The brand that encourages fans to discover and share their personal beauty ideas, L’Oreal Paris India jumped in for wishing its 1.9M fans on Facebook. The brand that posted the content around 11 yesterday had a lovely message targeted to girls and their girly friends. Not sure if it is an original visual content from the brand, it received more than 1K shares and got 54 people to comment on the post. The content also received more than 6K likes.

7. Kit Kat: Nestle Kit Kat that goes by the message “Have a break, Have a Kit Kat”, shared an interesting content with its fans on the eve. The branded content posted yesterday around 10 in the morning, asked its fans - What dance, dream or record are you going to break with your friends this friendship day? The content was shared by more than 1K, commented by 88 and liked by 4K people.

8. Samsung India: The technology company with more than 3.5M fans, wished them on the day. The brand celebrated by sharing a visual content and wishing fans of the same. The content which was posted yesterday got more than 1K shares and more than 64 people commented on the post. Besides more than 3K fans on Facebook liked the post too.

9. Intel India: Bonding over technology was the message on the day by the brand that has more than 2.5M fans. The visual content was shared on Saturday evening itself and the brand asked the fans to name their one friend who loves gadgets. The content was shared by more than 1K, liked by 4K and commented by 66 people.

10. Junglee: The online shopping service by Amazon has more than 2.4M fans and it made sure to wish them on the occasion. The brand shared a visual content with a link to buy gifts for friends. The content was shared by more than 1K people, commented by 173 and liked by more than 8K people.

Vodafone Zoozoos and  Intel India stand out for me for the relevant and interesting message, visual and smart branding in the content. Which one do you like?

Disclosure: Unmetric is an advertiser at Lighthouse Insights.