Ranbir Kapoor As @ThatPepsiIntern Gets Fired! Pepsi Hunting For Cricket Fans To Intern

'ThatPepsiIntern' campaign launched by Pepsi India for the IPL 2014 has taken an interesting twist with Ranbir getting fired. Now the internship is open for Pepsi fans

Ranbir Kapoor, the young face of Pepsi had recently been hired as an intern to cover the Indian Premier League season 7. Last seen in Bangalore, he had surprised the media and public at the IPL player auctions when he had entered riding a bicycle. On auction day, he was busy tweeting about his new job and what was happening at the auctions using the Twitter handle @ThatPepsiIntern. He was also seen hanging out with the team owners, players and posing for pictures with celebrities. To add to that, folks on Twitter could ask him questions using the hashtag #AskThatPepsiIntern, and Ranbir would happily oblige. Some of the special questions had received Vine video responses too!

But despite all of that, he has been fired!

Before commencing on an epic career journey, apparently Ranbir has been given the pink slip. Pepsi has also released a video called ‘The Epic Trailer’ to confirm this. His early exit means the position is now open to Pepsi fans. Watch the video for Pepsi’s interesting twist to the campaign:

Pepsi has been spreading the video through its social platforms, and inviting people to apply for the internship. In all Pepsi will select 15 interns for the IPL 2014 who will get a chance to go to UAE for the matches. Apart from the all-expenses paid trip, the job description is to die for. The Pepsi intern will generate exclusive content from the IPL 2014 and will be the link between the fans and celebrities. Through the Pepsi intern, cricket lovers can directly interact with or send their message across to celebrities. They can ask the Pepsi intern to complete unique tasks for them in the stadium and even win tickets to the matches through contests.

Pepsi has created a dedicated page at the site where one can register themselves. Registration is simple: one has to upload a selfie with a Pepsi, answer a simple video question and take part in the bonus task which improves their chances of becoming the next intern. The site provides a choice of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus login.

The site also displays a gallery of the uploaded selfies, the Epic trailer video, tweets of @ThatPepsiIntern and FAQs of the internship.

Some of the Twitter buzz around the campaign:

Connecting with the ‘Oh Yes Abhi’ generation

ThatPepsiIntern is a recruitment campaign like no other. The job description is totally designed for a cricket fanatic; who wouldn’t want to get VIP access to the matches, close encounters with the celebrities and a free trip to UAE? Providing the community with an experience like this is a dream come true for most of them. Pepsi has taken a step closer to its ‘Oh Yes Abhi’ proposition as a brand that can make it happen for the impulsive, impatient generation.

Personally, I liked the twist in the campaign. When brand ambassador Ranbir was hired as ‘That Pepsi Intern’ back in February, I had never dreamt he would be fired to make way for the Pepsi fans. This is cool!

ThatPepsiIntern guy/girl chosen from the Pepsi community with the chance to create exclusive content for the brand, will only help in further bonding amongst the fans. Last year, Heineken ran a similar initiative during the UEFA Champions League Finals in Wembley stadium with its hunt for an Indian social reporter who would handle the social media channels of the premium beer brand fro the games.