Teleconnect to Nashville: KFC India lets people open a box using only their minds

For the newly launched Nashville Chicken, KFC India and Blink Digital created a box that would open not with your hands, but rather with your mind, using some cool tech like Neurosky and Arduino


The wise ones have long said that faith can move mountains. If you put your mind into something far too long, you are sure to accomplish it. But the problem is: we generally lose concentration after 8 seconds!

As per a study by Microsoft Corp highlighting the affects of an increased digitalized lifestyle on the brain, people fail to concentrate after 8 seconds, which, alarmingly, is less than the average attention span of a goldfish that can concentrate for nine seconds. A digitalized world has amounted to varied loss in lifestyles, lesser attention spans being the most common of them.

However, problems caused by digital can also be solved by digital. Case in point: “Teleconnect to Nashville” conceptualized by Blink Digital for KFC India.

In a recent on-ground activation for the launch of KFC’s latest product - KFC Nashville Chicken, the QSR got attention deficit consumers to pay attention for a minute and unlock the legendary taste of Nashville Chicken. And how you ask? By just using the power of their minds.

Using cool tech like Neurosky and Arduino they created a box that would open not with your hands, but rather with your mind. Neurosky is a mind reading headset that monitors brain activity and analyses concentration on a scale of 1-100. Consumers were able to pop open the ‘Nashville Treasure Box’ if their concentration level hit 100.

True to the legend of Nashville, “if you challenge your mind and focus your thoughts hard enough, you are sure to be rewarded”, KFC had a bunch of surprises in store for consumers: flight tickets to Nashville, Tennessee, USA, a year’s free supply of KFC chicken; KFC gift cards and a chance to taste the legendary Nashville Chicken. While some consumers were able to achieve the required concentration level, and open the box, many others failed.

Watch the video to see how it worked:

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It is always impressive to see brands leverage technology to bring about an innovative and memorable launch. Especially so in these cluttered social feed times with decreased attention spans. Kudos to KFC for embracing tech to connect with its consumers!