TEDx Talk By 15-Year Old ‘Maker’ Angad Daryani Garners 175K+ Views

A TEDx talk by 15-year old Angad Daryani, who is passionate about building things, has received more than 175K views on Youtube


TEDx talks are an inspiration every time you watch an online video or attend the TED conference. While some talks become inspirational classics, many others continue to move us enough to share them with our social connections. A TEDx talk by 15-year old Angad Daryani, has been doing the rounds on social networks ever since the beginning of this year.

Angad loves ‘making’ things, so he was passionately driven to 3D technology and the art of 3D printing. Dropping out of school to be homeschooled by teachers who focus on hands on learning, Angad built his first 3D printer at the age of 13 and is soon coming out with a commercial 3D printer. In the video, he talks about his revolutionary invention - the Virtual Brailler, a device that converts digital text from Roman to braille in real time to give tactile braille feedback to the tracked finger of a visually challenged person.

This low cost ebook reader for the blind could make books accessible to millions of visually challenged people who currently depend on time-consuming methods like getting braille books printed or unintuitive methods like text-to-speech. You have to watch this one.

The nearly 6-minute video has received more than 175K views, since being published on the 27th of December, 2013.

The problem is with schools, really I like this talk!