What went in the making of #TeaForTrump a viral success on the internet

TE-A-ME, a Kolkata based tea company sent 6000 green tea bags to Donald Trump. We don't know yet whether he drank the tea or not but #TeaForTrump went viral on social media


America goes for presidential election later this year and Americans have a tough choice to make. As the day closes in, the real fight is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While there is time for Americans to make up their mind, let’s accept that no candidate has ever entertained like Trump has for over a year now. He has kept the media and people all over the globe busy with his absurd, illogical and mostly controversial racial thoughts. You can continue to add adjectives to demean him but he finds no reason to stop himself.

He wants total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the country, plans to build a great wall on the southern border of US and will make Mexico pay. He has a problem with the blacks living in America and he has gone on record to say, “I think the only difference between me and the other candidates is that I’m more honest and my women are more beautiful.” You can find a complete list of disgustingly outrageous statements Donald Trump has ever made.

At the ripe old age of 70, chances are that Trump might not change but an Indian company thought that it is never too late. TE-A-ME, a Kolkata-based tea brand owned by the 70-year-old company Madhu Jayanti International, thought it’s high time for the Republican nominee to cleanse himself and get smarter. Not that he thinks so but the tea company nevertheless decided to deliver to him 6,000 green tea bags that will cleanse his mind as well as body. Indeed a noble initiative to save America and the world!

To spread awareness of the benefits of green tea, or tea in general, the company launched its digital campaign #TeaForTrump, featuring its green tea. At the core of the campaign was a two-minute digital film that had citizens requesting Trump to drink the tea. In fact there was a special message from India that was flashed across giant screens near Trump Tower in New York.

Here is what the message read:

“Dear Mr Trump, Namaste from India. We are sending you lots and lots of natural green tea. It fights against harmful free radicals. It helps purify mind and body and regain a healthy balance. It has also proven to make people smarter. Please, Mr Trump, drink the tea. For your sake, for America’s sake, for the world’s sake. Drink the tea because it is never too late to cleanse yourself.”

The video conceptualized by Fisheye Creative Solutions, a Bengaluru-based creative agency has received more than 461K views on YouTube.

In short the video went viral on the Internet with almost every national and international digital publication covering it. The video also got picked up by celebrities and influencers on social media.

#TeaForTrump pre-viral buzz

A good content, if not consumed by its target audience, is as good as a bad one. In the times of information overload, discovery is the biggest challenge posed to publishers and brands as well. This is when the association of Gurgaon based digital agency ARM Digital proved critical for the brand.

“The intention and endeavor behind this campaign was to spread the word about the power of tea. ARM Digital’s strength apart from paid media & technology is digital PR & content marketing. For TE-A-ME we focused on reaching out to audiences in India & US, capturing & curating their real-time responses from global audience and encouraging everyone to join us requesting Donald Trump to #drinkthetea,” co-founder at ARM Digital Honey Singh informed over an email.

The digital team came on board from the pre-production stage. “Digital was at the core and we had to live through the journey of the campaign from pre-production stage till the end (ongoing).”

A 11-member team worked non-stop for 72 hours on the campaign. To begin with the team focused on understanding the target audience: their passion points, their content consumption pattern - time spends, day part, engagement methods, by platform and so on. This helped in drawing the execution plan with real time marketing at base. “A critical factor was to be ready for any kind of crisis and not let dilution or misreading of our communication,” Honey pointed out.

According to the latest numbers revealed to Lighthouse Insights executed by ARM Digital, #TeaForTrump campaign has delivered 350M impressions from 80+ countries (led by India & US) having more than 150000+ digital engagements, 42000+ video shares, 3.2M video videos (in first 72 hours), 22,000 tweets (having 60+ Twitter verified profiles) and 710+ stories.

Detailing more on the company blog he wrote that the recipe behind the perfect execution of the campaign lies in an exact and opportune mix of timing, audience targeting, distribution channels, amplification, seeding, and cross promotion on multiple platforms.

Velocity is what we wanted to achieve = (views + articles + conversations + impressions) / time.

To start off the company initially pushed in media spends but thereafter the content did its job. “For the launch of spaceship we need initial push, once in space same amount of inertia isn’t required. And in this case, we did way better than planned, over 50% saving on the paid media budgets.”

In less than 24 hours, the video received a million plus video views and  with organic content marketing activities it achieved more than 3M views in less than 3 days.

ARM Digital Drink The Tea Trump

#TeaForTrump post viral buzz

Once the video started getting traction, the agency started monitoring and analyzing conversations over Twitter. “We analysed more than 200K tweets (all across the world) in our command-center and observed that Share of Voice (SOV) for TE-A-ME in Donald Trump conversations was greater than 7% during first 48 hours of RTM which clearly indicate the successful execution of our amplification strategy.”

Over the email conversation, Honey also credited the campaign’s success to the Real Time Marketing framework they adopted.

“Breaking down any Real Time Marketing campaign, we go by the experience and experimentation. Essentially, there are four quadrants to plan, execute and analyze the campaign.  The RTM Framework is more inclined towards the planning stage but also helps for the overall analysis.”

He also stressed that at times a robust planning is not enough for an RTM campaign; we need to monitor and adapt accordingly. “Time being the most valued factor, with the help of this framework we were able to manage #TeaForTrump on digital and made it a liquid content.” (To understand more details on the RTM framework read Honey’s blog post.)

Not everything you create will go viral on the Internet as there is no secret sauce. But you can create good content and plan in a diligent manner. The marketing team at TE-A-ME, the creative team and the digital partner followed no formula but worked diligently.

And how can you take away credit from Mr. Trump, his atrocious thoughts became the base of this campaign. Whether he wins or loses, at least the Internet will remember that an Indian tea company had sent tea bags to cleanse his mind and body, a tough ask though at 70.