TaxSpanner Launches Facebook Campaign To Reform Indian Tax System

TaxSpanner launches Facebook Campaign to reform Indian Tax System

‘TAX’ the word itself is quite good enough to give you hiccups but the new initiative by Taxspanner might be a boon for all Indian tax payers. Day after day we work hard and pay our taxes without even being bothered to ask if the reforms are justified? Do you know that, the limit of medical expense reimbursement has not been revised since 1998? With the rising inflation did our figure for reimbursement change? Shocked? We too were when we saw this video shared by Taxspanner.

[youtube 45ZEFnK2PmQ 650 350]

To ask why Taxspanner has launched a Facebook campaign. The campaign is to garner support for the redundant and impractical laws and introduce new ones. TaxSpanner needs 100,000 signatures so that they can handover them to the Indian Finance Ministry for considering it to evaluate the situation. Taxspanner has primarily listed 5 demands as listed below. One can go debate and introduce new ones too.

  1. Medical expense reimbursement
  2. Interest paid and interest charged by government
  3. Educational loan deduction
  4. Income tax and inflation
  5. And revision of exemptions limits for other allowances

As a supporter of this campaign, one can sing the campaign by liking it, spread the details about this movement on its community and also debate for changes in the demand. So what are you guys waiting for? Its your hard earned money after all and you now have the golden chance to not let them go like this.

Fight for it and support the movement.