TaxiForSure’s #ReferAll Could Be More Fun On Social With Constable Chowriappah

A look at the social media buzz for #referALL, TaxForSure's referral program that rewards Rs 100 credit to both parties, while boosting the company's app downloads


In an increasingly mobile centric world where most of us use our smartphones for just about every transaction, it is tough choice on which apps to keep and which ones to uninstall. Businesses need to find rewarding ways to have their mobile apps installed on our smartphones. Although it’s not a very daunting task to offer discounts to users who transact through the mobile app, it’s tough to stop users from uninstalling your app.

Taxi aggregating service, TaxiForSure has launched a referral reward program designed to increase its app downloads. The scheme rewards both parties – the TaxiForSure mobile app user and the new person referred.

The referral program is called ‘referALL’ and is easy to avail of - all one needs to do is refer the app to a friend who does not have it, and once the friend uses the app by taking her first TaxiForSure ride, the company will reward both with TaxiForSure credits, which means both of you receive INR 100 in your TaxiForSure wallet. This can be further availed for booking more rides with the taxi aggregator.

The brand has launched a 2-minute digital film to promote #referALL as an offer that one just can’t refuse. Inspired by the Godfather, the film is set in a Don’s den where groups of people visit to pay their ‘respects’  in the form of suitcases. Produced by Throttleman, the scene keeps you gripped up until the gangster’s lady friend opens the suitcases that are full of some shining yellow thing. They are full of Taxiforsure referrals.

On social media, the ad was launched following a teaser video. where the referral program was positioned as an offer that just can’t be refused. The offer was spread further by Twitter folks with a decent follower base using the hashtag #referALL.

#referALL needs Chowriappah!

A referral program that works both ways is a great incentive to encourage app downloads, However, the referral program could be better promoted on social media given that the network thrives on social connections, friends, family, friends of friends and so on. It seems the taxi aggregator is only concerned about engaging fans around cricket with the IPL and its #MadnessforCricket campaign.

Lately, the brand had launched a road safety campaign featuring a popular RJ as the hilarious ‘Constable Chowriappah’. In a series of fun, educative videos, the constable tells viewers about the positive side effects of using the app. Read “From #DrinkNDrive To #MadnessForSure, TaxiForSure Has Come A Long Way In Its Brand Campaigns“.

This character could be put to great use for #referALL too. TaxiForSure could continue with the ‘Constable Chowriappah’ series to highlight the benefits of referring friends in funny ways.