Why TaxiForSure Has Invested On Twitter Videos For #MadnessForCricket

TaxiForSure's #MadnessForCricket campaign with Gautam Bhimani challenges fans around cricket. The article also looks at why it has invested on Twitter videos


Indian Premier League - the T20 style cricket laced with glamour and entertainment is in its eighth season with no signs of fading out. With cricket fans going crazy about IPL every season, brands have kept their faith by pumping money in marketing initiatives. The month has already seen hoards of brands launching their 360 degree marketing campaigns during the ongoing IPL with a key focus on television.

However, TaxiForSure, the taxi service provider which crossed 10 million rides recently, has stuck to its brand philosophy of being a digitally driven one. Earlier during the month, the brand extended its previous campaign #MadnessForSure to #MadnessForCricket, in order to connect with IPL fans on social media. This is the third major social media campaign that the brand has launched in the last few weeks, informed Arvind Singhal, CEO, TaxiForSure in a conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

“We are aggressively working to increase our customer base from 2 million to 20 million. Simultaneously we are building our brand stronger on consumer insights and bringing the commute to the Indian masses. It is evident in the way we are reaching to customers via our marketing campaigns whether it be #MadnessForSure or #ReferAll or the current #MadnessForCricket campaign.”

While #MadnessForSure was a social awareness campaign on road safety driven by popular RJ and comedian Danish Sait, #MadnessForCricket finds its roots in the craziness of Indian cricket fans. “Anything when it comes to cricket, Indians are crazy about it and at the same time they love trivia and challenges around the same. This is where the team decided to reap this cricket madness for fans who love challenges around the game, while keeping the core proposition of the brand which is young, fun and humorous,” informed Arvind while explaining the insight for the campaign.

#MadnessForCricket, at its core, is an exciting one as it gives fans a chance to share their ‘madness for cricket’ while getting lucky to meet with the cricket junkie, quiz freak and presenter, Gautam Bhimani.

According to a release by the company, fans need to tell their #MadnessForCricket and share it through the Facebook page or Twitter Handle. “Two winners would be selected who can bowl over Gautam Bhimani, will get a chance to challenge him on a one-on-one quiz. They can ask him anything in cricket and he will answer. If they manage to stump him, the winner will win an exciting TaxiForSure voucher.”

The brand’s social media properties - Facebook and Twitter were used extensively to promote exciting visual content to create buzz for #MadnessForCricket and the challenge to bowl over Gautam.

By the first week of May, the first winner was selected, Aditya aka @Forwardshortleg on Twitter is known for his keen interest in cricket. The battle was recorded and was uploaded on Twitter as well as on Facebook.

Interestingly, YouTube was ignored for this campaign which wasn’t the case as in the previous two campaigns. Arvind informed that the reason to ignore YouTube lies in the kind of content this campaign was producing and the media spends.

“We have been looking into video platforms and found out that Twitter was providing much more engagement for our videos. At the same time it has also been providing better real time engagement around the videos. The results have also been encouraging with Twitter, impressions have increased beyond seven hundred thousand plus in the last three weeks.”

TaxiForSure’s choice for Twitter video is a wise one. Over the years it has invested in building a community on Twitter that has grown to 8K plus followers. Added to it is the social media influence that Gautam and other participants have brought on Twitter, which has obviously benefited the reach of the videos.

“We are into real time business and real time interactions are happening over Twitter. This real time interaction and buzz was very critical for the campaign which Twitter provided us.”

A week ago TaxiForSure launched its second and final mad cricketing action video featuring Amogh Ranadive, a standup comic and television writer questioning Gautam.

With these two videos #MadnessForCricket has come to an end but going ahead the brand is considering to extend the core idea and has no intention to apply brakes on the fan engagement that has been growing on social media.

Over the last few months TaxiForSure has really raised the bar on digital. Earlier we had seen how the brand evolved from #DrinkNDrive to #MadnessForSure. While #ReferAll was a great incentive to encourage app downloads, it lacked the promotional buzz on social media. #MadnessForCricket has made up for #ReferAll by not only connecting with the cricket madness in the country but also by challenging fans and providing them with a desired incentive.