TataCLiQ Claims It Only Sells Camels In Maiden Digital Campaign, So #GetTheOont, It’s A #SureThing

India’s first phygital marketplace by the Tata Group is all set to conquer the next wave in Indian e-retail business. So hold the doors for the camels!


TataCLiQ, the much awaited ecommerce portal by the Tata Group was recently unveiled and has already become the subject of debate, even as it makes some carefully researched baby steps in Indian e-retail. Having sparked an altogether new term called ‘phygital’ (physical + digital) into the ecommerce vocabulary, the brand’s foray is set to start a revolution in the space dominated by online-only players like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon India.

Armed with a first-of-its-kind multi-brand phygital e-commerce marketplace that will seamlessly blend online and in-store shopping experience for customers, TataCLiQ hopes to cement the existing gaps in the space.

“What we had till now was two sets of players – retailers and ecommerce marketplaces doing their own thing while the consumer has been seamlessly moving between the physical and digital world in the rest of her spheres. With TataCLiQ.com, we will be the first in ushering the seamless shopping journey across these two currently disjoint worlds,” Ashutosh Pandey, CEO at TataCLiQ explained in an interview with Firstpost.

Having launched with a limited category of apparel, footwear, and electronics from 400+ Indian and global brands, and 15 high-end international brands of which 10 will be available exclusively on TataCLiQ, the marketplace plans on growing its portfolio steadily over the months. Meanwhile, it has ensured there is enough buzz on digital and social media right from the pre-launch phase.

TataCLiQ has launched ‘Sure Thing’, its first maiden digital campaign in a bid to associate itself with certainty around brand promises, and it has roped in a camel, not a celebrity! The ad film executed by Cartwheel Creative starts with this young urban woman welcoming home a camel. Further, everybody is welcoming home the camel, and before you begin wondering why, the super at the ends puts it aloud: C.A.M.E.L is short for “Certified Authentic Merchandise Everybody Loves.”

The story is accompanied by interesting lyrics too, in the end it convinces you to #GetTheOont, it’s the #SureThing it says. The brand has multiple agencies on board: digital agency Digitas LBi, media agency Maxus and digital marketing agency Interactive Avenues to steer its advertising and marketing needs.

The concept has been extended onto the brand’s social media properties, or rather the stage was already set on social media with TataCLiQ sharing visuals of two things that are certain to go with each other, prior to announcing the camel. Concepts from popular and  current affairs were weaved together to sum up the meaning of ‘Sure Thing’. Like moms and dabbas, like Mowgli and chaddi, like Taher Shah and bad music!

The camel made its debut soon, followed by visuals from the launch event and the benefits of buying camels from TataCLiQ.

A differentiated launch

At the outset, I felt it a very weird thing to bring home camels, but then it occurred to me that viewers are bombarded with ads, and often times can’t differentiate amongst the similar-sounding ecommerce ads that are all trumpeting about the same offerings: Genuine products, Easy returns, Quick refunds, Cash on Delivery, Large range, etc. TataCLiQ needed to do the clichéd clutter-breaking campaign, and what’s better than being endorsed by a camel.

For TataCLiQ, this became an opportune moment to ask people to bring home camels…literally, so much for brand recall! However, the acronym “Certified Authentic Merchandise Everybody Loves” looks like a funky force-fit to play on the ‘genuineness’ tag flaunted by all e-retailers in the country. Anything to do with the Tata Group evokes trustworthiness and authenticity by default.

The pre-launch buzz on social media coupled with the visuals and gifs all throughout the launch phase have helped establish the newcomer as a brand to reckon with. Its launch freebies maybe good as free trials, but the phygital model will decide its fate. Do hold the doors, the camel is here!