How Tata Value Homes Built Online Buzz With #DumpTheLandlord

For its 3-day online booking offer, Tata Value Homes launched #DumpTheLandlord on digital with a series of funny videos demonstrating types of landlords

Tata Value Homes, the company that revolutionized online home buying in India had recently embarked on a 3-day mission to make landlords out of Indians. A subsidiary company of Tata Housing, Tata Value Homes launched the online booking scheme across India with the promise of assured rent for a year. Tenants fed up with their landlords could aspire to be the landlord, in other words, own their home.

All an aspiring home buyer needed to do was to book a home online at Rs. 30,000 across cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Pune, during August 18-August 20, 2015. Tata Value Homes is now looking to make home buying a positive online experience making the best of both.

To drive registrations, the company launched a hilarious #DumpTheLandlord campaign and spread the word on digital. The campaign mainly focused on various types of landlords and how you could dump them and be the landlord.

A series of short funny videos describing various landlords were pushed from the social media platforms of Tata Value Homes. A film on each of the types - ‘Jasoos’, Kanjoos, Emotional, Lalchi was shared as well as a 1.42 minute film showcasing all of them called #DumpTheLandlord.


The hilarious video was shared along with the campaign hashtag which made all the buzz on social. The brand’s Twitter and Facebook pages invited viewers to share their landlord trouble stories. And while at all this engagement, the brand drove people to the website, asking them to #BeTheLandlord. On Twitter, an expert named Mr. Babu took over the company’s handle and answered landlord related queries.

Tata Value Homes is truly set to inspire the space of online home buying in India. The real estate company has been a pioneer in many initiatives in this space. Last year, in a first-of-its-kind initiative, the brand had announced the National Home Buying Day, a unique opportunity for aspirers to purchase their dream home online with guaranteed appreciation up to 33 percent. The 3-day initiative (Feb 21 – 24, 2014) gave home buyers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a home online.

Last month, the brand conducted India’s first online exhibition for an exclusive audience from Jul 13 – 15, 2015. Homes buyers with a valid invite code were given an online user experience very similar to a real life exhibition, with a special offer of getting an extra room with their home at no extra cost.

This time the focus is on landlord troubles. The concept of ‘dumping your landlord’ to ‘be the landlord’ is a smart way to drive registrations. Discussing landlord woes is clever enough to target tenants aspiring to buy their own home. (Ask me, I’m a harassed tenant). Building the social buzz by having people ask their questions and directing them to the website sounds like a good digital strategy provided the queries were from genuine tenants, and not some agency-planted contest players.

Nevertheless, #DumpTheLandlord has made good use of hilarious videos to drive home the point. Funny videos always make for a buzzy, shareable piece of content.