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An article on Tata Sumo Gold Facebook Contest

tata sumo facebook contest
Facebook Ad

The beauty of Facebook ads is that if they are crafted well then not only they can lead you to results but also help you to spread the word. Tata Sumo’s Facebook ad did the same. It had the right picture and the right content to give an idea what will you end up with by clicking the ad. The new Tata Sumo Gold Facebook page, which already has a community of more than 14,500 fans, is running a cool contest on its Facebook page.

Facebook Contest Details

The contest is a simple one where the brand is asking it’s diehard fans that if they had the powerful new Tata Sumo Gold for one weekend, then what roads will they travel and where would they like to go. A simple contest if you are a diehard Tata Sumo Gold fan. Isndi’t it? Now to participate in this contest you need to simply click on the Contest button and click further on “Participate Now”. After that you have a small submission form where you can describe your adventure and stand a chance to win exciting goodies such as Laptop Bags, Sleeping bag and Tent. Goodies very well match up with your adventure rides. Apart from applying in the contest, the app also allows you to spread the word about the contest among your friends. A much required feature and giving the control in the hands of fans is great.

tata sumo gold facebook
Tata Sumo Gold Facebook Contest

Fans are appreciating the contest and the page admin occasionally does talk to fans when there are issues or have queries regarding the contest. Apart from the contest tab, Test Drive and Deal Locator are some other cool tabs that are a good addition to the page.

My Thoughts:

The contest is a simple one and neatly done. Good to see that the page is abiding by Facebook guidelines even though it is yet to adopt the new changes for brands with the timeline features like most of the Indian brands. I think you don’t need a grand contest always even if you do in a smaller scale keeping all ends tied up well then I think the job is done. Indian automobiles sector harnessing the powers of social media is not new. Recently we had shared stories of how Maruti Suzuki Ritz, Ford Figo, Tata Nano, etc. are trying to engage on Facebook and social media. So it’s good to see one another product of Tata doing the same.

And if you are a Tata Sumo Gold fan, then I think you shouldn’t be waiting, go hurry up and submit your adventure. I couldn’t find the last day of the contest so apply early to be in a comfortable position. Good Luck!