Life At Tata Steel Unveiled On It’s YouTube Brand Channel

Life At Tata Steel Unveiled On It's YouTube Brand Channel

As an Indian, you are born with the Tata’s. Your whole life is more or less supported by the Tata brand. You name any product, you will have their name on it. Tata Steel is one such sister brand that was established in the year 1907 and it was Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata’s vision that has brought it so long. Today, Tata Steel is not just a brand that is prospering but also appreciating human values that are role models for the society. Tata’s has always been known as a brand for the common man in India and its new initiative takes the brand one step further.

‘Values Stronger Than Steel’ is the new initiative where the brand is portraying true stories of determination and courage. Stories that inspire and tell us how as a brand  they have supported dreams. One such story is about the Tata Steel’s Tejaswani Project which is empowering unskilled woman employees. A video worth watching:

[youtube HfhboYjc5Cw 500 300]


As the ad says, it is not just an ad but this is life @ Tata Steel which is an excellent message portrayed by the brand. The message which is being aired currently on television as well as on its YouTube brand channel, has gained good response. The above video which is 3:10 minutes long has already gained 2935 views in more than a fortnight. We liked the way how Tata as a brand is using Youtube to portray its brand message and inherently portraying a strong brand for Indians.