This Absolutely Mad ‘Transferkar’ Family From Tata Sky Cannot Be Given A Miss

DTH services provider Tata Sky has rolled out a series of hilarious films to introduce members of a TV crazy family called the Transferkars, to promote its transfer+ set top box

tata sky transferkar

Diehard television fans can now rejoice. They no longer need to go to crazy lengths after having missed their favourite TV show. DTH provider Tata Sky has introduced something cool for them, the Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box, through which all the content recorded on the set top box can be transferred to their mobile phones or tablets and watched at ease.

Tata Sky has teamed up with OgilvyOne to help promote the Transfer set top box. A crazy family called the Transferkars feature in a series of films where each member is uniquely identified with the TV show they are fans of.

Dilip Transferkar loves ‘Diya aur bati hum’, his daughter Kajal Transferkar is an absolute fan of ‘Game of thrones’, while his mother Dadi Transferkar is a diehard fan of WWE. There’s also the youngest member Rahul Transferkar who is a Masterchef India fan.

An interactive microsite helps one to understand this family better, their favourite shows, motto in life, quirks, and more. One has to just drag their way around their house, and click on their image.

The films introduce Dilip, Dadi and Kajal in the most hilarious way possible.

In one film, the doors open and in comes a flying Dilip, he’s probably been bullied and thrown out from some other room. A wrestling match commentary can be heard nearby. Not one to give up, he climbs up a ladder and onto the roof, and unplugs the dish antenna.

Next he is seen keeping the antenna on top of a car, and connecting it to a television inside and watching his favourite show with tears in his eyes. This is how Dilip, the Diya Aur Baati Hum fan is introduced.


In another film, Dilip is munching on some snacks while watching TV, of course his favourite show Diya-bati. Suddenly ancient warriors get inside led by a man on a horse. This man holds a weapon to Dilip’s neck while his army pick up the television set and they all leave.

A lady seated on a throne instructs them to stop, and play. That’s Kajal Transferkar, a diehard Game of Thrones fan. The army were her friends; they are all seen watching the show together.


In third film, Dilip is watching TV when the power goes off. A figure with a cloak makes an ‘Undertaker’ style entry. Dilip runs away. It is actually Dadi who was dressed like Undertaker, as she’s a WWE fan. She is seen laughing away while watching a WWE show in her garden.


Apart from introducing this crazy family of Transferkars, the brand has been making some crazy tweets on Twitter. Tata Sky also invited bloggers to join the launch event for Transfer set top box. They further helped amplify the social buzz using the hashtag #TataSkyTransfer.

Storytelling + humour + video

The DTH provider does it again. Earlier Tata Sky wanted to promote its daily recharge coupon targeting rural areas. Instead of a TVC talking about the product and how it could benefit the rural television audience, the brand chose to opt for a video series where each episode threw light on a budding love story between Mannu, a shop owner and Neelu, a TV fan who visits his shop daily to buy the recharge coupons. The ‘Daily Dillagi’ video series went on air during cricket season IPL 8 to reach out to the masses, while the storytelling stayed on for brand recall.

Creating a family of TV show addicts to promote the new Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box is a smart way of leveraging peoples’ love for stories, especially one about funny families and their crazy quirks. Moreover, the interactive microsite along with blogger outreach has helped create a decent social buzz for the brand’s new feature.

Hopefully it reaches to the target audience - the connected generation that wants to record their favourite TV show and then transfer it to their mobile, specially when TV shows can be watched from their YouTube channels a day later too.