Big B turns rapper for Tata Sky revamp campaign #FamilyJingalala

In a bid to reach out to non-metro cities and villages, Tata Sky's new brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan helps unveil revamped brand tagline - 'Tata Sky Laga Dala toh Family Jingalala'


One can’t help recalling Tata Sky at the mere mention of Jingalala. Tata Sky Laga Dala toh Life Jingalala’ had become one of the most famous taglines by a company in the entertainment business. This time around, the DTH player is undergoing a major brand revamp with a new colourful logo and a fresh tagline to include family in your life: Tata Sky Laga Dala toh Family Jingalala’.

The new brand philosophy is being propagated with new face of the brand, actor Amitabh Bachchan who enjoys mass appeal across all ages and social classes in the country.

Having realized that 85 per cent of India lives outside big cities, the new campaign hopes to reach out to these non-metro cities and villages with the help of the country’s favourite actor. An ET article pegs the Tata Sky campaign at Rs. 40 crores that includes a full-fledged integrated media plan. The initial buzz has been created with the release of the ad starring Big B as a Rajasthani rapper!

Created by Ogilvy & Mather and directed by award-winning director Shoojit Sircar, the 2-minute ad features Big B in some never-seen-before avatars - the uber cool 73-year-old actor stars as rapper Thakur and six more members of the Thakur clan - Thakur, the head of the family, Thakurain; the female head of the family, Thakur ka beta, the son; bahurani, the daughter-in-law, and two twin grandsons.

Dressed in a rather unconventional bohemian attire, the ad shows him introducing each member of the family with a catchy phrase and their preferred choice of entertainment programs on TV. The rap song concludes with the idea that subscribing to Tata Sky will solve all the entertainment needs of a family. ‘Tata Sky Laga Dala toh Family Jingalala.

The ad film was released on digital following an interesting social media seeding with the help of the influential actor with a fan following of 22.5 million on Twitter. A week prior to the launch, Big B began sharing his new look and his different Thakur avatars in a series of tweets. Having set up the stage for the final launch of the ad film, he also shared the campaign hashtag; #FamilyJingalala featured in his tweets along with the hashtag #ShuruKareProgram.

The Tata Sky social media properties then shared the rap ad film and since then has been responding to brand enthusiasts with short gifs featuring a member of the Thakur clan and a thoughtfully crafted response.

Leveraging the social influence of Big B

DTH players in the country have had a long haul getting television viewers to subscribe to their offerings. So used to is India’s massive TV audience to cable TV and watching free-to-air channels, that the phrase ‘idiot box’ has become a relevant synonym for the television set. This is a large untapped consumer segment for DTH companies who could do with a well-targeted communication campaign. Besides, who else than a much worshiped celebrity like Amitabh Bachchan to demonstrate the all-in-one benefits of a Tata Sky subscription at home.

Tata Sky’s #FamilyJingalala is more than an ad, it’s a rap song with the Big B going, ‘Yo se.. Yo se..’ It’s the new brand promise in a country where most of the population invests in television as a family’s one stop source of entertainment. The Thakur clan featuring seven  amusing avatars of Amitabh is sure to drive home the point. Despite digital audiences not being its primary TG, leveraging Big B’s social media influence coupled with the tailored gif communications has been good for buzz creation on #FamilyJingalala.