#PyaarJingalala: Tata Sky Continues Its Tryst With Romance In New Ad Series

Tata Sky's romance-themed campaign comprises films that showcase the DTH provider’s services and offerings wrapped in short and sweet love stories


DTH services provider, Tata Sky is continuing with its tryst with romance. Last year, a massive campaign ‘Daily Dillagi’ was rolled out to promote its daily recharge voucher to smaller towns with lesser consumption demands, a fortnight before IPL 8. Daily Dillagi revolved around the love story of Mannu and Neelu, told in an episodic manner. While the love story unfolded itself one little episode at a time, the brand weaved in the benefits of its daily recharge voucher.

This year, Tata Sky has rolled out another romance-themed campaign coinciding with IPL 9, called #PyaarJingalala. The idea is to highlight the role Tata Sky plays in the lives of people across the country, and what better way than to wrap it in short and sweet love stories.

#PyaarJingalala comprises of films that showcase the DTH provider’s services and offerings that help couples bond with each other. My favourite of the lot is the film on ‘Actve Fitness’ featuring an adorable elderly couple.

The old man is watching television while pulling a pair of dumbbells. When he is questioned by his shocked wife as to what he’s up to, he tells her this is all so he can stay fit, only to trouble her some more in life. She does the facepalm, and begins to scold him, while our old man is pleased with annoying her again. ‘Get Fit with Actve Fitness’ and ‘Tata Sky laga daala toh pyaar jingalala’ is flashed across the screen.

‘On Demand’ focuses on a married couple while watching TV and enjoying popcorn. The woman remembers that the film they were watching was the same one they had watched on their first date. She reminds him that he wanted to watch an action movie just a day before, but she herself had forgotten something big. He reminds her that it is their anniversary.

‘Actve English’ features a newly married couple conversing on the phone. While the husband is in his office which is out of town, the wife is at home. He tells her he’ll be home next week and will bring her whatever she has asked for from town, while hurrying to get back to his work. But, then she begins to say something that leaves him spellbound in joy. She manages to say a sentence in slow, carefully learned English words: “You are my knight in shining armour.”

‘Daily Recharge’ is the story of a middle aged couple out for an evening walk to actually get their Tata Sky recharged. The wife reminds him how it’s unlikely that he forgot the shop for the daily recharge. He explains that had he remembered the route, he would not have got the chance to walk with her. Delighted, she comes closer to hold his arms while they continue to walk together.

‘Life Like Picture Quality’ features this couple watching a horror movie, when the girl jumps over to him complaining about his choice of such a scary movie. He tells her had he chosen a comedy movie, would she have sat so close to him. They are then seen watching the movie sitting cozily together on the sofa.

There are a couple more ads for ‘Actve Cooking, ‘Maximum Regional Channels’ and ‘Record & Watch Later’ with interesting stories weaved around couples.

Love stories do the talking!

While Daily Dillagi promoted daily recharge coupons last IPL, Tata Sky’s latest IPL campaign targets everybody under one universal theme of love, while showing us exactly how ‘Tata Sky laga daala toh pyaar jingalala’. The series of ad films by Ogilvy & Mather have been well thought through to bring out the experience of having a Tata Sky at home, and its role in getting couples closer. But, by focusing on couples only, the DTH brand has alienated all other consumer segments, especially the group of friends who watch cricket matches together.

The concept of storytelling will favour brand recall though. It is difficult to forget a love story that’s short and impactful. What’s more, the brand has managed to stay put with ‘jingalala’ all these years. #PyaarJingalala’s video-driven approach is just what the brand needed this IPL, to stand out from other DTH providers in the country.