Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition Drives Engagement Through Social Media

Review of social media promotions for Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition that involves a blogging contest, a treasure hunt on Twitter, finding the explorer quotient in fans on Facebook, among regular promotions


After braving the storm on social media with its flagship SUV - the Safari Storme, Tata Motors recently launched the new Safari Storme Explorer Edition with extra enhanced features. In addition to offline promotions, the automaker has leveraged social media to highlight on the new SUV’s explorer features with creative and engaging campaigns on popular social networks.

The campaigns have been designed to emphasize on the term ‘Explorer’, be it the ongoing blogging contest or the treasure hunt on Twitter or finding the explorer quotient in fans on Facebook.

“I am Explorer” - Engaging with bloggers

The automaker in partnership with Indiblogger, an Indian bloggers community, has announced the ‘I am Explorer’ blogging contest that expects bloggers to take on their imagination and write a blog post about their brave journey into an unknown land.


The brief given is: “You have been chosen by planet earth to head explorations into an unknown land. Write a blog post on your brave journey and your discoveries across the final frontier.” Additionally, bloggers need to identify the different terrains and creatures that may inhabit these unknown lands!

Interestingly, the month-long campaign has loads of vouchers for prizes, with which the winners can buy anything they want from one of India’s leading ecommerce player, Flipkart. The grand prize is a Rs. 50,000 worth Flipkart voucher followed by 65 vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each. Also, 5 of the best photo blog posts will win vouchers worth Rs. 5000 each, while one of the best video blog post will win a Rs. 10,000 voucher.

The entries are presently hidden as the contest will end by September 30th, but these prizes are tempting enough to garner a load of entries. The rules require blog entries to link to the Tata Safari website, while also encouraging readers to discover the range of accessories in the Safari Storme Explorer for the different types of adventures.

Treasure hunt on Twitter

The promotions on Twitter involved a fun Treasure Hunt with the hashtag #StormeExplorer. The Tata Safari Twitter handle invited users to follow the brand and answer the questions or find them with the help of clues. The fastest to reply with all correct answers got the chance to win Tata Safari Storme’s Stylish Explorer Bare Essentials range. The one day Treasure hunt contest saw the hashtag trending on Twitter top trends.

Asking Facebook fans - “What kind of explorer are you?

The world is filled with amazing places to explore and every journey is as different as the explorers themselves. The Facebook app “What kind of explorer are you” asks fans five situational questions to find out their explorer personality type. After you have chosen answers to the questions, you can see your explorer personality type, as for me the app declared me as ‘The soul seeker’!

There are options to share this personality trait through the ‘Publish Photo’ button, as well as ‘Share’ and ‘Invite Friends’ button to spread about the app in your social circle. Also, we can see the friends who have participated and what is their explorer personality type through the ‘My Explorer Friends’ button. A link also helps to check out the entire range of accessories on the Tata Safari website.


Cool promotions on social media

For a new edition of an SUV that needed to differentiate itself from the original, the Safari Storme Explorer does a good job on social media. The imaginative blogging contest, the treasure hunt on Twitter, the explorer personality finding app on Facebook, together with the regular content shared on social networks makes for an all-round social media buzz.

Moreover, the use of the various social networks has been optimum, with focus being on each of the network’s strengths. Currently, as the new SUV will be driven by actor Anil Kapoor in the upcoming TV series ’24’, conversations are being driven around #TataSafariOn24, with cool incentives and contests.

Tata Motors has ensured a healthy reach on both online and offline with cool social media promotions coupled with on-ground test drive and booking campaigns. What are your views on the promotions for Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition?