Tata Safari Storme Launches With A Storm On Social Media

An article about how Tata Safari is using social media for the launch of Tata Safari Storme


How Tata Safari is using social media for the launch of Tata Safari Storme.

The festival season is knocking on our doors. This also means businesses would expect Indians to swipe their credit card more often. Going by every year’s market trend, we are going to see new product launches, offers and more, all before Diwali. Tata Safari, the Indian auto giant, the pioneer in introducing SUV’s on the Indian roads, strikes gold with it’s much  awaited launch of Tata Safari Storme, the next generation of SUV’s. The car that has been designed and built for every age group, finally comes out after the Auto Expo preview that took place earlier in 2012.

Starting at a price tag of 9.95 lakh, the top-end variant made sure that the pre and post launch matched up to its class ((Article Source)). Social media grabbed a bigger pie in the product launch and possibly the only Tata car to do so. If the pre launch was not enough, the brand has made sure that the hype doesn’t set off early.

Pre Launch Buzz

Tata Safari has been symbolic to adventure and has breathed the same on Facebook too. The brand which has more than 631K fans on Facebook started the pre launch buzz a week ago. The brand used the cover page and treated it like a jigsaw puzzle. Every day it revealed a certain portion of a jigsaw by sharing a past milestone related to Tata Safari. One such content could be seen in the below screen grab.

tata_safari_storme facebook1

Twitter was also simultaneously used to spread the word about the latest launch. The hashtag #TataSafariStorme was created prior to the launch to reach out to a maximum audience on Twitter.

Launch Day Buzz

The launch day was yesterday – 17.10.2012. The offline launch was in Delhi and simultaneously the brand made sure that fans don’t miss out the action. To make this happen,  the event was live streamed on its microsite designed for Storme, Facebook and on Twitter.

tata_safari_storme facebook live stream

Later during the day, the Facebook page was also updated with a set of exclusive snaps live from the event. Now isn’t that a perfect example of bridging your offline and online event together!

Post Launch Day Buzz

tata_safari_twitterIf all this was not enough, the brand still continues to create some more storm on social media with post launch activities on the Microsite. The brand is running a contest on the micro site for which it’s driving traffic from LinkedIn and asking them to use Twitter as a platform for participating in the contest.

In other words, the brand is running #BraveTheStorme contest on the microsite for which it is running LinkedIn ads and to win the Storme, you will have to participate via Twitter. Integrated campaign at its best!

The contest that needs you to log in via Twitter asks you a very simple question – “There is a storm in everyone’s life. How do you brave yours”. The answers would have to be tweeted and every tweet that goes out on the network will earn points depending on the virality factors such as retweet sent, received, etc.  for that particular tweet.

The more viral is your content, the more points you earn. Depending on the numbers, you move from the top of the storm i.e. the Danger Zone to the Twilight Zone and finally to the Survivor Zone. If you stand tall for three consecutive days on top of the Survivor Zone then you can take home a brand new Storme.

However, the judgment for the grand prize winner only on the basis of retweets, etc. might involve a lot of malpractices that we are aware of on Twitter  Not sure if the brand is ready to tackle or ignore them?

How cool is the launch campaign?

The automotive industry is getting innovative day by day. Recently, we saw the Royal Enfield Thunderbird launch and in the past we had seen brands like Maruti Swift, Volkswgen India, Renault Duster, etc. doing extensive campaigns related to pre and post product launch campaigns. Tata Safari added itself to the same segment but has set a new benchmark for its industry on social media.

The planning for the launch, the integrated approach and the perfect incentive are some of the few ingredients of its perfect launch on social media. Targeting LinkedIn users for the contest and driving them to the site makes complete sense for a SUV that starts from 9.95 lakhs.

Tata has invested time and money for such land mark launches on social media. It has definitely raised the ante of the market in doing so. We are going to witness more of such integrated and well planned social media product launch campaigns in the coming days. And full marks to Tata Safari for creating a perfect ongoing Storme on social media!